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  1. Cloud

    Board on Varnimyr camp

    Board & Mailbox are already available on KR Servers in the Camp just wait for it to arrive to Void if it will
  2. Cloud

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    Approved you'll be invited if you're online if not just apply at Myu
  3. Cloud

    PvE Guild

    Hey maybe you should check out Fateful ~ We're an active PvE Guild that focuses on raids and gearing up for that! We have an active Discord with events such as movie nights or so if you even look for that we've got it. We also have a lot of lovely people that dont mind helping you out if they have the free time. We hit Stage 200 in Guild Expedition monthly so guild coins & buffs are no problem either! We have gearing guides/raid guides active raiders and no life farmers and many more things you could like.
  4. You can grind for a lot of things. For beginners it would be working on your gear which would mean SDs then maybe Heroics and then Elrianode, if I'm not wrong thats grinding. Or maybe even grind to get ED to buy things you want. We pretty much have similar if not the same options to grind as Officials do, you just have to think about it differently since we dont get the free things players get on Officials from time to time.
  5. Cloud

    Hey, I'm Rory.

    Welcome to the game I hope you have fun playing it~ Regarding the questions, you might take more time catching up by doing it f2p but there's good ways to make money without cashing. Once you figure those out you should be fine. The Servers are located in the EU but you shouldn't lag too badly if your connection is good. And Guild wise you could check out [Fateful] ~ We're a Lvl 20 PvE guild focusing on Raids and Guild Expeditions. We have our farm completely built out and hit GE Stage 200 monthly, hours upon hours of EXP buffs when Events occur and some fun community Events. Feel free to check it out!
  6. Cloud

    Looking for a Guild

    Just going to throw this in here we're a Lvl 20 active PvE guilds with GE rushes Coin farming fully built out farm and Raid Focus
  7. Cloud

    LF> Lvl 20 PvE Guild

    Let me just promote my guild here too! Fateful is a big and active Lvl 20 PvE Oriented guild with active daily EXP buffs and we have a big focus on preparing raid parties and helping people gear. We have people from every time zone so you can always find nice people to play with and to ask questions. We have Events such as Anime/Movie nights or game nights with games such as or CaH. We have Middlemans, Price checks, Level Carries and everything else you pretty much need.
  8. Cloud

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    Why are these in the MW But the White version isnt Lowkey add if possible
  9. Cloud

    System message,Exp.,Ed ect. in the chat

    You can edit it while talking to an NPC if I'm not wrong
  10. Cloud

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    I can invite you once you're available just whisper IQ
  11. Cloud

    [11/16/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Customizations when ty for the sit tho I love it Maybe guildies will run expedition now
  12. Cloud

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    I added you just whisper IQ ingame or accept the Friend request whenever you're ready ~
  13. Cloud

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    Sure just let us know when you're ready to join !! if you want you can join the discord already and tell us even easier and quicker ~
  14. Cloud

    Completely burned out

    +f will miss you 100% I will miss the best CU Void dont @ me. I obviously wish you all the best and nothing but great times we all love you. I'll cherish the fun times we had on Void even if they were more on discord than anywhere else stay positive fam Ily and I'll miss your +10 opness
  15. Cloud

    I hate titles

    2 minutes where ???