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  1. ow. well I hope you'll get things through and that you're not too busy for yourself as for which item, I guess the purple velder necklace (or whichever has crit+add.dmg + attacks) cuz I have the other version that doesn't have crit and I don't want to have to buy a new necklace for the crit. So if I could get it without having to spend ED, it'd be nice ign : Myko I wish you well o/
  2. rip you. I bet it'd come before midnight it's past midnight. gnight y'all and good luck on waiting have fun with 3rds too
  3. good. I don't want her deleted TB is fun
  4. tldr in the tier list, people rank up from 1 to 40 who they think looks the best
  5. well for those, just the wings and hat are nice, and even then people tend to prefer other things. It's not like Ravens who absolutely want ETS1 like there's no tomorrow
  6. oh page 69 Ima take my leave for a little bit then u //u
  8. tbh who else from ravens and ains are gonna burn ETS1 holy man that's one way to use hatred to your advantage
  9. shut up and hope, peasant jkjk, honestly though let's hope