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  1. Ain, im maining Arme~ but just him, not Ain in general, I have a EE and AP, but havent touched them for months now lol Arme is gonna always be my favorite character/class, no matter what Before Arme, i mained DW -a bit more than 2 years- and still love her so much, but everytime i want to play with her... I see Arme in the character selection... And im so weak... In both cases; they're perfect for me, i've played with almost every class of every character, and while i have fun playing with others, these two classes are the only capable of make me feel like everything's in "place" idk how to explain... It feel so natural play with them If i need to say what character i main, my answer would be Aisha, i have the 3 of them, i love VP and EM is really fun too, i even enjoy playing with Base Aisha lol If the ask would be what class i main, then is definitely Arme .................... ... Is Arme overall, i'm really obsessed with him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯