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  1. *IGN: Yxn*Class: (Of the character that you have in the guild.) Base Laby (going for Nisha Labyrinth) *Name/Nickname: (You don't have to give up your real name, but we would like a name or nickname on how to call you.) Yan *Discord number: (Only required if you wish to join the discord server) #5133 Age: 16 Country: Bulgaria Gender: Male Other: (Anything else you want to share?) I just made this character so I am still leveling it but I plan on maining it so I'll be the most active there *Reason of joining: Trying to make new friends and astrology is very nice imo :,)
  2. IGN/Class/Level : Soybeans/Innocent/99 Member/Guest : Hopefully a member soon About me : Recently came back to playing Void from a hiatus. Pretty anxious at first but I can get used to people. Why I decided to join : Looking for some friends since I am quite lonely on the server Confirmation quote : Peace is bliss (?)
  3. ✧ Name: Yan ✧ IGN: Gaynus /trying to change it/ ✧ Class: Innocent ✧ Age (optional): × ✧ Gender: Male ✧ Country: Bulgaria ✧ Timezone: EET ✧ Language(s): Bulgarian,English, Japnese ✧ Previous guild (if you were in one before): Domain ✧ Are you a member/ally or guest?: Hopefully a member ✧ About (if you have anything else to add): Pretty quiet,will struggle to fit in
  4. title. if you need more information about me go ahead and ask.
  5. The server won't be as active in a month or so,so that's a -1 from me.