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  1. @PhysicsTM @Structure @Xera @Naivety @Shiryelle yw~
  2. We do have enough content that can be released for 2.6: New rotation,lim sale (the ST pet),Nisha,Henir revamp and ED burner rotation On the other hand we can always just get NBS and GF/VIG and call it a day.
  3. Event: Designer Theme: Natural Disasters (real rip if it has been done already) Description : The Elgang has decided to dress up and show awareness of all natural disasters,whether it's a tornado,earthquake or a tsunami! Which natural disaster can you recreate the best?
  4. When are we getting this week's designer?
  5. People are mad over 1 single buff when we already got the generosity for 4. Tbh I don't even remember what I voted for,I am just happy that I can farm ETD without wasting tickets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Accepted! I'll add you in a minute! Make sure you join our discord too edit: seems you're off so just @ me or Phy on discord whenever you're on~
  7. Wow that's this guild that co-gm looks real hot damn.
  8. Wouldn't have lost count if I got something valuable.
  9. speaking on behalf of the broke side of the server who's still building gear but 4 +9 ammys would be a great addition to someone *like me* who is just starting to build elrianode gear :((
  10. Yan


    *IGN: Yxn*Class: (Of the character that you have in the guild.) Base Laby (going for Nisha Labyrinth) *Name/Nickname: (You don't have to give up your real name, but we would like a name or nickname on how to call you.) Yan *Discord number: (Only required if you wish to join the discord server) #5133 Age: 16 Country: Bulgaria Gender: Male Other: (Anything else you want to share?) I just made this character so I am still leveling it but I plan on maining it so I'll be the most active there *Reason of joining: Trying to make new friends and astrology is very nice imo :,)