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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. I did the same shit even though I was horrible with WS. LOL Anyway, my first characters, both on officials (2010 woo) and day two of Void were Elsword. Officials was RS, Void was IS but then switched to RS again. Damn it was so fun back then. I still have a screen from back then when I was fighting the veeeeeery old first GM here. lmao Censored the rest of his name due to respect.
  2. Since this is a maintenance discussion thread... Just gonna quickly say... @VoidEls Guild Storages seem to be bugged again. Quick fix today/tomorrow please? :c
  3. Thanks. I actually didn't know exactly when anymore, thats why I said first months. xD
  4. It is, yeah. You just refresh this website and the "Offline (Maintenance)" should switch to "Online" at some point.
  5. You're not wrong. That was in the very first months in 2014 when Ran/VoidCM was doing most of the stuff alone.
  6. Haha, same here. Quite sleepy indeed, I'm taking little sleeps here and there. I'm doing okay though, not the best but still well enough to call it okay.~ Ah, I get what you mean. Black coffee is good, might even have a good (but expensive!) one that you might like. Just have to search it up again if you ask for it...
  7. Besides the update... How are we doing today, Miss Ran? Have you been well besides work and all the coffee? I still want to know which coffee you drink so I can get you a better one... The question also goes to the whole thread here. How are y'all?~
  8. Now I'm kinda happy that I won that giveaway Soki did last week and got those 100 IB#2 All Chars... lmao. Idk if I should burn them myself or if I should just sell the IBs themselves... prob. gonna burn myself Also, huge shoutout to the hardware maintenance. It was definitely needed after all the lag and delays that happened the whole time.
  9. Well you're not supposed to pre-download until they tell us its ok to do.
  10. Lmao, I apologize for confusing your man. Didn't expect anyone to think I'm downloading the new patch. Was just downloading an older one that I didn't download yet. Sorry 'bout that.
  11. Oh don't worry, as I said its an older patch that I didn't download. No worries there.
  12. We talkin' 'bout this, right right?
  13. Alright, kthnx. Oh yeah, I was talking about the download rate earlier, right? Well guess what, I just opened the launcher because I forgot to download an earlier patch... this download rate is gonna be funny.
  14. Can we be told when we can start downloading the patch? In other words, I'd like to be told when the patch goes live on the launcher. Kthxbye.
  15. Hey, I'm not the one waiting for it to get on. I don't play this game anymore, just wanted to ask for the others. But thanks for telling what you were able to tell though. Hope you guys aren't as stressed as you were back then nowadays. Oh trust me, you don't want to know... There's a reason I left this community behind and switched to another one. A lot of shit that happened back then.