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  1. Refund Event Suggestion [Update]

    Where's Salvatore Solace? `-` Solace is better than Yaksha
  2. Refund Event Suggestion [Update]

    Oh Nice, didnt see it, my bad. Ill wait for it. Good luck and god job with this, looks amazing. One question: The Ibs are "PER" character or "ALL" characters?
  3. Refund Event Suggestion [Update]

    Im gettin' tired of seeing the same fucking IBs. STOP with SR, PK, Elpheus. Put the old IBs, like Denif, ET1, Solace and those IBs from Season 1.
  4. ✟[ḞṶṆΣṜΛⱢ]✟

    Free bump cuz why not `-`
  5. We can craft Heroes of Speed Ring?

    Exchanging 20 Ice Crystals @ Ariel
  6. Omg, 7 months already. I get replies but that's all. Not even a response before it...
  7. Hello, I'm doing this post cuz I have a problem with my account. I make a post about 7 MONTH ago, about it. I just get 2 REPLIES from GMs. (Lilu & Sera) but that's all. I lost it cuz I got banned for "Hacking" when I never in my life use them. Its been 7 months already. Can I get some help? And yes, I have a post on "Reports/ Ban Appeal" and I'm bumping it everyday.
  8. Leveling partner

    Then, R> Lock @Poppy @Structure @Stay
  9. Lilu, can you help my with that, please? :/

  10. LuCiel Bug ?

    Nope, is just their system. They dont share Accesories or Stats together anymore. Only Equipment (Weapon-Top-Bottom-Gloves-Shoes)
  11. Lilu, I just posted the information that you requested me. I tagged you on the post.

    1. Shinky


      Lilu, can you do something with that? :/

  12. Hacked Title, need Help

    I just dont want to lose this account. If this tittle doesnt hurt anybody, perfect, I dont play pvp anyways. I just want to play safe and knowing that I will not lose it 'cuz a hacker that cant get his stuff by himself and need hacks. If I get the tittle removed, is perfect for my, I dont need anything else.
  13. Hacked Title, need Help

    The thing is, I just entered the Room, and after 5 seconds, I just quited. How U can get a title just standing in the Room for 5 seconds? I didnt enter to play.
  14. Hello; I just got the "Call of Blood" title when I enter in a Sparring Room so, I wanna get this out. I dont wanna have a hacked title. So, I can get some help? I cant give more Info cuz I entered to the room, after I saw "You got the Call of Blood Title" is just quited instantly I can give a photo of the title.