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  1. it seems, void gms didnt even think about the event hard enough as if it was created last day before maint. useless trade/craft offers, overpriced, senseless, and repetetive, they should play their own server, or atleast listen to the community better.
  2. so in the end to do full +11 armors you need to get 1k dungeon drops from each account, and spend 2bil ed. seems fine if you want to sacrifice your holidays
  3. kind of dissapointint, hoped they wouldve bringed custom dungeon event like 2 years ago, but in the end we get kind of the same event as haloween, with kind of the same rewards.. it seems higherups are bored
  4. Arancism

    Becarefull Scammer -

    well oof just replace i. to m. if ur on phone
  5. i mean what did you expect from this thread, everyone will defend their mains/baes, and shit on the classes they hate
  6. Arancism

    why you should tick gear option on spar

    this kind of reminds me of old elsword arenas lol
  7. have seen more and more people playing spar with unticked gear, so decided to test the dmg in this place
  8. Arancism

    pvp star rank rewards

    appereantly we did got the seasonal rewards from star rank, even tho star rank was bugged all along but guess what, they are uselesss cuz people can craft them anyway now lol.. this thread is just to remind cuz ive just found out myself even tho the awakening is not star rank. . . but the sit motion is iirc
  9. i honestly believe pvp in general after transcendence went dog-shit...
  10. you can kill naked with enough att speed with shakti, one catch, its over.
  11. i have never said such things, nor i ever death threaten you LOL
  12. youre taking ur ego way too seriously, one day you will be shot haha .ok ill stop.
  13. im not surprised HAHAHHAHA, ur image is even worse than that of what ive said, since ur 24/7 salty kid
  14. i literally dont know you, nor i ever prolly sparred you hahahahah, but sure bring the *i beat u in spar* card, pathethic, really pathethic, i swear ur also prolly playing a raven, BM, with RoF water or wind right? cuz that would really precisely describe your image of mine