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  1. i just hope that void wont forget about board in season 6 and we will get the damn guild and personal pvp rankings, because now, theres no motivation in playing that shit
  2. u liar, it feeds, only 1/5 cbs know about the secret tech of it not feeding
  3. im not getting offended since that statement is just dumb lol, im just wondering how do u keep sparring people if u kick them, since u kicked all of my chars even when i wasnt doing so called "spamming" and when u didnt knew it was me. i suppose u kick most of the opponents from ur room, and i highly recommend calming down a lil bit, not saying ur bad or smth, since last time we sparred it was long time ago and after that u just shittalked into a kick, so i suppose ur kind of a cocky player, but thats fine as long as you dont hide behind your words and actually win the games
  4. ara, rose, elesis, add, luciel, u literally kick me after every match, cuz i "spam" lol
  5. idk havent played alot vs you, since u tend to kick my char and other alts
  6. i think he meant that he was running cuz you are lagging
  7. Current status of PvP

    unless they fix the board (which they wont) people wont play, and even then we have marsian +11s everywhere who tank and 1 shot competing for rank 1, the addition of +11 gear and elrianode was a horrible idea imo, add season 5 queing system, removal of 2s partying, lack of benefits of playing pvp in general, lack of updates there we go, void pvp, even lnaste wouldnt play it
  8. Does Anyone Here PvP anymore?

    they actually removed the elboy now... lul yea i do sometimes, deranking and then hunting for S-SS with my coc +10 cro lul
  9. yes but the rings give the same thing for CBS too, it also increases her MP burn iirc, so its even more cancerous imo, i got hella lot matches where i just got burned my mp to 0 and lost a game without even playing it, and CEM just doesnt skip neutral as CBS, so its way easier to play vs CEM, the dmg is kinda the only thing that changes, but then again u can win with CBS prolly no matter what gear u have..
  10. im not saying shes weak, but im calling out ur invalid argument that cem is better than current cbs which is the most retarded thing i heard. im sorry but u clearly have smth else in mind or i misunderstood ur statement, but cbs running around for 10 secs and then magically burning all ur mp into crisp and doing that couple of times till the match is over which also has homing and whole screen wide hitbox, idk dude... theres smth wrong with you... im not even going to bother arguing sincd this is either a troll, or you dont know what youre talking...
  11. no shes not??? u can catch her, she feeds, u can get hella lot mp off her and her summs, her neutral isnt retarded as cbs, and she cant skip neutral iirc
  12. thinking hard about the words you say to simply just make people angry and using something as trivial as female avatar in a argument is pretty childish, so im wondering whos the horny kid being hit at home... idk what does being one shotted has anything to do with being bad or having a bad playstyle, cuz i clearly won neutral, and he clearly caught me with MS. if u have nothing to say, but just be an ignorant fuck who just baits people then just stop replying, fcking Inaste.v2
  13. dafuq are u talking about LMFAO. im not saying anything, this is salt thread, i literally just posted a vid where i got triggered by being 1 shotted, mistakes or not, idc lmfao, my fault or his, idc, fancy or not, idc he didnt even used any commands on me anyway... lmao
  14. i didnt expected shit, but tanking into maxi PA to literally kill people is pretty fair too, even tho hes a glass cannon too, he even has zerker