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  1. Arancism

    [9/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    around 200 matches (npc+people) was pretty much whole week the ques are fine, its not so tedious since from time to time u get people to play against, it also has an rng (which imo makes abit more exciting)
  2. Arancism

    [9/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    its not, u pretty much have 100% of making a profit, in 1 week i made 1bil ed just from the cubes (got only 1 lucky drop which was 200m) i believe now people will buy less of the chests, so the prices from the drops will increase atleast abit, so we might get the same or even more profit from this update considering u wont get shit like el shards and stuff on the other hand ill have to do some maths to see whether or not the refineds are better to farm..
  3. Arancism

    What am I supposed to do against Dominators?

    u can also destroy that thing if im thinking about the right skill
  4. Arancism

    What am I supposed to do against Dominators?

    i mean, it used to do 3 tics instead of one... ot: uchh Super armors and iframes ur best friends, dont jump in case ur getting pulled, if u jump u get pulled easily instead of just running away from it, dont get caught, dom. doesnt have that much amazing neutral tool as for example CC so u should defo catch him easier.
  5. 1:25 +11 nigger massacre (still lots of mistakes)
  6. not on topic but when does the ranking board updates? which day of every week
  7. Arancism

    why is NOONE doin pvp?

    it really hits me up, when people make up excuses like oh i lost cuz ur monitor is bigger/resolution... yea i found that out quite some time ago, and yes its a factor even though it is not such big as for example class differences, and with some classes resolution might be a bigger factor, but nethertheless for arena im pretty sure its pretty much irrelevant, because 80% of players are faceroll keyboard heroes which are playing just braindeadly, so u can read them easily, OT: probably due to gear, inflation of retarded classes, and pvp being not that fun anymore, imo the best time to play pvp was in <S4, after S4... well lets say, no motivation anymore..
  8. ill ingregnate you boi, u little nickypicky
  9. is this a bait, or did they actually fixed it? (im too bored to log in)
  10. oh gosh, black massacre is really that bad?...
  11. Arancism

    SSS 100%

    most likely your timezone is different from most of the SSS players, so u get npcs all the time while they are sleeping
  12. Arancism

    PvP Changes + Reward Changes [Update : 16/05]

    +10 spar set is kinda strong, but then again if they are new they will prolly wont have sockets, so idk i suppose thats fine, tho +9 would be enough
  13. Arancism

    PvP Changes + Reward Changes [Update : 16/05]

    they said that they will look into it in the upcoming weeks and will try to fix it, but o.t. im honestly fine with just pvp ranking and guild ranking board fix
  14. Arancism

    [5/11/18] Update Discussion Thread

    thats what im trying to change... but they are just ignoring the fact that there are quite alot of pvpers here
  15. Arancism

    [5/11/18] Update Discussion Thread

    im sorry if it seemed as if i was shittalking pve, i really wasnt, im honestly hoping people wouldnt do the warfronts between pve and pvp in els, and killing npc isnt the same as killing people in arena honestly...