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  1. IB

    Staff (because equality(?)) and Ain/Rose fanboys/girls/apache attack helicopters/etc. I guess I should vanish before I get called a post farmer/derailer. Feel free to DM me. Varren out o7
  2. IB

    Let me mock future answers to this comment:
  3. Found this band today and decided to give them a try, no regrets.


  4. (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Fight? No, I meant the stage where you have to fight off the mobs while Herbaron prepares his weapon to proceed to next stage.
  5. (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    >Decide to do some Solace Fortress runs for titles and queue up; >After 30sec someone joins the que, but I'm okay with that; >It's a Freyja; >Carried her in first room; >She activates all of the lasers in another room, falls into the pit dozens of time and walks as slowly as possible to the barrier which made her die another two times; >Says "xd" and leaves mid Herbaron stage. Why those people even exist- Ps. If you're reading this I'd like to thank you so very much for wasting my time, I hope you meme folders get corrupted.
  6. There's nothing more that I can say about this issue that has not been said before, so... +1 Also, have fun with your WS, if you plan to keep her that is.
  7. (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    @Jotaradd I think I've got an answer for you. On topic though. I ran Secret Dungeons entire day to get Barrier Fragments, so I could exchange them for El rewards to obtain "Guardian of Secret Closed Space". Last 2 El rewards were so damn hard to get. Have a sample of my RNG: I swear to god I'm going to stab KoG with an icepick if they make another RNG based thing.
  8. Took way longer than expected (thanks to my utterly awful RNG), but I have finally got that damned title.
    Well, time for yet another grindfest- 
    [Vanishes to HoB]


    1. Jochira


      don't perish now ♥

    2. Graverobber



      Nah, just kidding. I ain't leaving my fellow nerds behind.

    3. Jochira
  9. Welp, here I go rambling again- For WS, I'd wish she was a better PvE class and got back her bone-breaker, known also as Middle Kick, and I'd be more than happy to use Trapping Arrow- Buster as NW once more. And I admit that I'm still lowkey salty about Rena's model revamp. She has almost no changes to her 2nd class models whatsoever. GA's hair looks like cheap plastic from 1$ store, NW's thinn as a piece of paper, and as much as I love WS, her ponytail disturbs me a lot. I know that this character is pretty much dead, if we do not count huge population of GAsauruses roaming about, but come on. Compare NW to CN or Optimus. This is just sad. To finish off my rant, this v
  10. Sometimes I just wish people could learn to let go after they are shown that you are indeed not interested in neither having a conversation or maintaining a friendship with them.
    It's like going back into a household that is on fire and thinking that everything is going to be fine even after someone takes you out of it for your own good. Just get out of it and carry on living.

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    2. Skeleton


      When did I ever mention the scarves-

    3. Graverobber


      I'm not exactly sure, but about 2 months ago or so?
      Watch your words. Raccoons remember everything and are going to use their knowledge against you.
      [Evil robotic laugh]

    4. Hail


      that doesn't happen very often ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴

  11. Crappy WS passing by.
  12. [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    One last bumpo from your meme lord, stay safe nerds and remember that jet fuel cannot melt steel beams
  13. So...we pretty much have a corgi, cat, whale and red panda mounts, but what about a raccoon one?
    I can't help but imagine it to be as cute as red panda.


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    2. Graverobber
    3. ChibiValy


      You know It's the same animal, Yes? Google is your friend.

    4. Graverobber


      The keyword you presented only works in image search engine, so I still kind of won't accept this as a real thing and stick to the official naming  
      To be honest it sounds like saying that cat is an emo dog or slug is a homeless snail

  14. [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    Question: What thing seems to not matter at all, but in reality is crucial, and you have to wait for about 24hours for it? Answer: It's a [Bump] Am I smahrt yet? :^)
  15. Looking forward for that profession renewal ;;


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    2. Story


      all the spaces.. it was suposed to be over it..vo!db0gs :'<

    3. Graverobber


      What the hell are you talking about and who are you-

    4. Story


      Someone who just came out of nowhere and goes back to anime, you?