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  1. Stalking hard while I sleep? ~

    Sounds lewd.or just creepy :3 ilikebothoptions

  2. *Low tier emo corner* I guess it's time to git gud again
  3. She's not fun if you don't put effort in your play style Sure, you can spam xx>xx loop with breaks for skills, stigma and/or hunter's steadiness, but that is almost as fun as mashing x on Rose or x*stop*x on Ara *obvious sarcasm should be obvious*
  4. Again thanks @Seoul and @Arancism for tips I am free now ! It took me 71 wins, but I have finally left that braindead A rank for good My last match was a force lagging BM Sadly, the only way I could make him stop teleporting from one side to other side of the map was by abusing Humming Wind+tons of traps below HW Getting S rank is not as satysfying as I imagined it to be, oh well I don't have any salty screenshots, so take this salt with you and may the lags stay away yes you have been blessed :
  5. Thank you for offering your help, but I'd prefer to not be carried in 2v2 nor 3v3 I want my rank to represent all the salt/rudeness I've encountered and the amount of patience/skill I had to put in it Though I'd be more than gratefull to farm for titles, chill in spar or just talk in-game if that's okay with you
  6. Thank you very much for tips c: Although there might be a problem; I'm using the same gear for PvE and PvP because I'm cockblocked by highschool and because I'm broke as heck after buying Khaos 4/6 I'm not sure if I should use Mage's Neclace, moslty because NW is the most nerfed Rena path and without Belder Necklace I feel really weak I kind of agree on spec and crit; the only reason why I have those stats is because my old main (GA; reason of dumping her is a whole another story) used to wear this set I think about making Dark II/Water, but might give Dark III a shot since you recommand it Have a good day
  7. Too bad I'm stuck at 90% A rank because of +9/10 players Mostly VCs and FRs *morphs into a small ball like Samus from Metroid and rolls into emo corner*
  8. So apperantly my NW is a hacker and kindly asking someone to stop bothering you is equal to acusing the other person of using hacks The more you know If anyone cares enough, here are my so-so stats :
  9. oii, get a better profile pic , baka senpai.

    1. Varren


      Nah, I'm quitting forums for a while
      I'm going to put it back when I'll come back 

    2. Pure


      make sure u message me on skypu from time to time or daily :( if u no notice me who will? y.y

  10. Welp, you know that not everyone who plays VoidEls is using forums, right? To be honest, even if you daily spammed megaphones each hour, there would be still a lot of people, who won't understand that distance does matter Don't get me wrong though I think you tried your best to explain the situation, but sadly, nothing is going to change Have a good day o/
  11. I honestly enjoy (ab)using those skills : Haven't play Ain yet, so I can't choose his skills, please don't hurt me
  12. Hope you enjoy your stay here and hopefully make new friends o/
  13. +1 It seems to be more interesting than normal : log in ->get your shitty stone ->go do your stuff I really like the key to the dungeon idea, it would bring something new to the table I look forward for updates/edits of this concept
  14. Isn't this the way NA player iRizza got her 1st place on the board? It's just honourless, distasteful and wrong to play with KoG's broken ass AP system... I hope those kind of people break their spine while stepping on a lego