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  1. Contest: void artist theme: character meets player description: draw what it will be like if you and your character were to meet additional details: n/a contest: void artist theme: reboot promos description: with the last revamp we got an alternate promo, but we didnt get one with the reboot, design an alternate promo for your character’s reboot additional details: it can be for any class, wether its a base job or a first one, etc
  2. I dont care, and if you would like to pick a fight with me go to my dms, im not here to derail, i just saw a disgustingly disrespectful comment and replied to it
  3. Just like how you will never succeed in life? or how you’ve failed speaking in english?
  4. The four people who voted no has no soul change my mind ot: big fat yes cz bitch im gone for half of the event and theres no way i’d get all that even if i farmed all day everyday
  5. i read favorite as fortnite i need sleep welcome to void forums, hope you enjoy our drama
  6. i dont think the amulet is a good idea personally a +9 would be better but then again idk if its a good idea
  7. i completely forgot to reply i changed the mounts in the 100 coin exchange but if ya want ill add a 25 coins exchange with cheap mounts later once i get on pc
  8. well since theres still some ways to get obtain them, i'll keep bumping this thing, so people can actually use them instead of throwing them away i hope their suggestion gets accepted oof
  9. oh fuck how long have i been away from els,, dO I FUCKING DISCARD MINE I HAVE TONS HELP