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  1. Miie

    Hero Coins Exchange Revamp

    wheeze seems like i need to get on NA for laby ones huh anyway bump
  2. Miie

    Hero Coins Exchange Revamp

    Gonna update the costumes with laby oncei get on void too lazy to get to NA
  3. bumppp it says the last post was yesterday dont kill me
  4. sujk

    hello! may i ask who drew your siggy?

    1. Miie


      This beautiful person @SmolBluhen

  5. is it fine to draw a char wearing an IM instead of the promo for VA?
  6. Miie

    Hero Coins Exchange Revamp

    I had that there before, but gostone said it shouldnt be added there but if more people ask to add the elria tickets then i'll add them again
  7. Miie

    [Marketing] Undercuts

    i usually undercut people by like 5m~50m depending on the items price or sometimes even more im such a fucktard