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  1. when everyone in arena only wore spar gear and almost nothing else.
  2. holy crap i forgot about this i hope this bump doesnt count as necro
  3. adhajkdwhkad i ask too much ik how much yall wanna kick me in the ass but i---- for void artist (i should stop stating the obvious) can i take off some parts of the promo? example:doom bringer's coat ,,,
  4. Right, so you got to the beach, where it's really hot and there's sand everywhere. Then you need to get semi naked in public, then you need to walk to the water on sand that's hotter than the depths of hell. You get in the water, and your feet are instantly stabbed by millions of sharp shells. What's that? You need to piss? Do it in the water like a fucking toddler. Ya need to shit? Well fuck right off and hold it in for several hours. But then, something brushes up against your leg: slimy, squishy vegetation, and it feels fucking disgusting. Then, after you get out of the water, you find that all your shit has been blown about by the wind or stolen by beach bums. Even if you still have all your stuff, you must make a choice: go home full of sand, or change in an out-house, that smells like someone died. Oh hahaha BTW your car is full of sand now.

    1. Miie


      wow your profile name sure fits you so much,,

  5. i have more questions oof does this count as a vocaloid song and if it does should i draw the char in the mv or the vocaloid thats singing it @Structure
  6. do i have to draw the els chars in their promos for void artist or can i get them to dress something else?
  7. ajghjags jhag sjhg ashjg dsjhadg uqysjha SGUHJka?S????/ AM,, AM I DREAMIN?? DID I WIN??? FTGDYHUSJK THANKS OMYHGAD RESSSSSSSSS edit; ref song
  8. contest: void artist theme: awakenings description: each char got a unique awakening motion, and we got some amazing awakening effects, draw your fave awk motion w your fave awk effect additional note: refs plwes
  9. oopsie sorreh thankies for the reply tho~
  10. about this rule i know i suggested it but i wanted to confirm if its the same as the one i meant or a lil diff Does that mean we cant draw the set at all or just the char in the set example: ain has EP promo art, does that me we cant draw ain in EP or cant draw EP in general
  11. thAT DRAWING IS SO CUTEEEEEEEE<333 Welcome back to void
  12. wheeze seems like i need to get on NA for laby ones huh anyway bump