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  1. Edit: didnt mean to bump this thread! meant to bump my marketplace, My apologies
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  6. R> Lock i guess. @Poppy @Stay @Structure
  7. PM me and let me know next time youre online, so i can invite you. and its perfectly fine that youve already joined!
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  11. I need this so bad; Im trying to collect white salv army for raven, and NO ONE sells it. I still need the hat, bottom and shoes and ereda is dead.
  12. dont you- well, im not sure. id find a way >_> somehow.
  13. I want this like, really bad. If the reason isnt obvious enough *Points to forum name* but yeah we need this. id pay an arm and a leg for it right now
  14. sure thing! PM me next time youre online for an inv
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