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  1. Preferred Name: Chii or Mary idc muchIGN: ChiisaiMain/Alt?: CUOld/Current Guild (If you have one): //Favorite K-Pop Song: Solo - JennieFavorite K-Pop Artist: i'd say I like Lisa, Lay, Jackson, RM, Jessi, SUNMI. (if u mean bands then EXO, BTS, BLACKPINK, NTC 127, Red Velvet.)K-Pop Bias: Jessi
  2. Oh, great, I didn’t know that, well is good news.
  3. Yes BLACK BEAUTIFUL WINGS, great recolor, we have to make a suggestion about it, cause damn it’d be perfect **
  4. gay ass :^)

    1. Courtney


      You wish phat bish <3


  5. Wish we could have this x.x
  6. IM, ED burner w/e, just really bring this shit back. Most need it :'
  7. idiots: 1h pEr DaY iS eNoUgH uNtIL U gEt +10, StOp CoMpLaInInG also idiots: i GoT lIkE 200 in 2h, StOp CoMpLaInInG wdym i get like 15 shards in one hour, not everyone has nice RNG ok? not everyone has the time to grind and the will, especially now that is holidays break and xmas soon, today my 4h of constant grinding felt like hell, not to mention i got 60 shards.
  8. stfu. in many wanted these items back, so there's that.
  9. hey, welcome man, if you want I could help you levelling or help you do other tasks too~