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  1. Looks like we can't have a point on this, since everyone wants a different thing from the other... just give us the rewards but not server-wide :/
  2. -1 I'm using Title Item Drop Increase, party with low level for SD Carry at Sander, and I'm getting like 5-8 Chocolates Sometimes, even 1-3, or even 0 at multiples times
  3. Time to get it for Catastrophe. And Dominator. maybe.
  4. +1. Delete193 with his JP Elsword videos makes me jealous.
  5. -1. Grind it, if you don't have luck, try later or just wait prices go down, that's all if you get all free, you will find the game boring again so then you'll say "void's dead" come on or well, i'll say +0 cuz i feel some empathy.
  6. Welcome, welcome ! As I see you love Lu too, mmhhhh, gimme ur IGN, haha
  7. It's been 2 years. 2 years that I came in VOIDEls, I met extraordinary people, there's a good community if we exclude all those salty, kids players, I saw the game grown... It was really interesting, so I've decided to give it a try... Many patches, new versions implanted... as long they got implanted, I felt that the game became somewhat... "more" difficult or I couldn't follow the meta and all tier mechanics ? So then, I tried harder and harder to follow up, changed main in function of balance patches, now sticking to LuCiel up for 1 year and now playing Add as a second main... Success. And now... I can't just keep it up, that grinding until to death, is it worth it at the end ? If I reach that point, like, the point where you're stronger to do dungeons in 2min, that's not even funny anymore. sure, grinding will be a lot easier. but though how can I even reach that point without money, lol ? if I put money, and I know that I'm very addicted, I would be poor in 1 month or less. so yeah, I have to pour all my precious time, my heart and soul to get to that point, and I don't want, there are better places where I can make the best of use of my time. already poured 2 years, the game continues, it's not enough, i'm fucking tired. in conclusion, void is very excellent, a lot better than officials, but it doesn't change the fact that we will have those upcoming contents which it'll kill me for good farewell, I really enjoyed playing this game. I wish I could continue more longer, but my sanity won't follow. before i was like my mind is telling me no but my body is telling me yes. maybe i'll focus on my life or just playing Closers, school is about to start again, and I don't want to fuck this up though even having good grades last years. bye, bye
  8. Tbh a new character won't be bad... but not a spam character like Rose or broken like Ain... Just... a "balanced" character lel. Maybe less RNG end-game content...
  9. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd Job ? A lot of players, mostly pay to win players, overpriced price will go down... i think lol A rest for VoidEls Staff, so maybe there will be more "events" or players suggestion would be implanted
  10. Better to stick at Transcendence, cuz some chars really needed one.
  11. tbh if people is always asking for 3rd job, they will ask "WHEN FORCE SKILLS ?????" am i right ?