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  1. JumperCzech

    Free/Cheaper Equipment Page Expansion

    neutral cuz i already spent 360m on it and would feel bad c:
  2. JumperCzech

    Arena revamp/improvements

    ^ If you want some inspiration for the PvP flames. It would be better than having to do dailies on 5 chars imo. Also if your problem is 2v2/3v3 queues being dead don't make the sage per win but per x kills, 3-5 should work. If you want salt to be better, you are probably gonna have to suggest specific exchanges and/or crafts to even have a chance of it being implemented. Changing the queuing system is almost definitely impossible for Void. HMU tomorrow once I slept, I'll help u with the sug if u want.
  3. JumperCzech

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    I mean it's not like trading everything requires seals
  4. JumperCzech

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    I would normally be against this, but the thing that makes me +1 is simply that void wep is completely RNG. It's not about effort, it's about luck. I mean you can always go for the 1000 runs acheivement but I only know one person that actually got it without intentionally not picking up weapons soo... ye The effort part was already removed when Shards and Stages were made tradable. You can now just get lucky and have a stage 15 void wep with <10 runs and some ED. While someone who actually puts in effort might get it in like 800 runs? That just seems arbitrary and dumb to me. And I don't really see how this would make the dungeon irrelevant either. It's already one of the best dungeons to make ed, (selling shards) now it would just have the added bonus of getting something that sells for even more randomly. Also, currency is a great thing, people that get too many void weps can sell them and buy the shards they are missing while people that have a ton of shards but trash wep rng can sell the shards and buy the wep. The only problem I see is possible hacker abuse, but afaik giving GMs the banhammer made hackers way less prominent in general. And besides, hackers already can spam it and sell shards, I doubt being able to sell the wep would suddenly make it the hacker heaven.
  5. JumperCzech

    Official Ereda Time™

    Because most people I asked just answered that they don't care because it's dead.
  6. JumperCzech

    Official Ereda Time™

    Can we get an server wide announcement for people to queue Ereda at certain times? Like, when I ask people why they don't Ereda, the answer is usually just that they can't get a queue. Maybe this could be like ever 4 hours? cons are obviously mild annoyance of some ppl seeing it but like drabaki announcements :blobsweat: You can suggest how often it should be in the comments, or maybe it should be a weekend only thing? Edit: @Seishin Hermy suggested that we could have temporarily increased rewards during this time to incentivize players further, added poll
  7. JumperCzech

    Leveling Cube Revamp

  8. JumperCzech

    Regarding limited IM sales

  9. JumperCzech

    IM's front page