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  1. @ all the people asking how we would know, I'd assume a maintenance post will mention the buffs for current week still +1
  2. cobo gear so i can cosplay as noob :peperun:
  3. i never spent a single $ on this game and tbh, I don't feel like I farm that much either. I also have everything +11 except for my shoes (tbf the armor +11s are from event), perfect elrianode and literally all the endgame accessories. getting billions of ed isn't really a problem if you know what you are doing, either by reselling or flame mark whoring needing a +11 for varnimir is... questionable. I was running with a +10 void wep and some heroic gear and I didn't really have issues in 12-1 to 4, tho the runs couldve been faster. for 12-5 to 7 you just need a support alt with 240k cp. for 12-8 you do need some gear but its not like farming with a +10 is not viable if you get a similarly geared duo, depends more on class tbh. on the suggestion itself. im not a fan of how +11s currently work. amulets are overpriced and honestly not worth 95% of the time. its fine if you dont want to riskn the 5% but at no point is it the logical idea to buy an amulet when considering the averages. but you might be the 1% that has to spend 25b. Which is well, bs. I'd appreciate a more consistent way to get it that doesn't rely on RNG. Even if the craft requires a few B, a ton of materials and hell maybe even an EC item, many people would probably appreciate it. This suggestion wouldn't help with that. It just makes the average less and doesnt prevent you from getting fucked over by RNG. With that said, I don't really have a problem with the average price. Most people I know got their +11 at around 6b? maybe a bit less. Considering that its around a 20%+ damage boost, thats still very worth the buck compared to other endgame stuff. 5*enh tear will cost you 2-3b and will boost your actual damage by around 4%. race go around 5b and also only boosting damage by like 3% compared to PtH. Same with IBs.