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  1. oh forgot to bump this with my other sugs yesterday also i need to do some slight changes to this over the weekend
  2. < these, they were in the 2.5 cube as op temp accessories idc what we get them from, event/IM/Naeun would all be fine, but Gurumi is like the cutest thing ever and i NEED it
  3. I do legitimately think this would be better than how the current event works but i also havent slept much so
  4. Reset the score of idols and make it a contest between Marisia, Tom/Arrivederci and LordAurora - self explanatory. Ignia was too obviously a winner from the start. This seems much more balanced and each of these is more relevant for void players than any of the current idols. Not even sure if I'm serious tbh but sleep deprived any why not. EDIT: I'M ACTUALLY MOSTLY SERIOUS, trying to shitpost was maybe like 5% of it. Would prolly be more balanced than current event and im pretty sure more people here know who these people are compared to... apple.