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  1. MikuHatsune

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Nothing beats the charm of the 90s' fashion! Back in the 90s' , baggy jeans , tube tops and tinted sunglasses were a extremely fashionable trend! Lookin fresh~ ref: items used!:


    LOVA YALL:gc_Cute:

    NoHomo tho....

    1. AuraSeer


      happy new year to you too~


  4. wew . who dat boi in ur pfp?

    1. MikuHatsune


      >>and signature

    2. AuraSeer


      idk, random pictures been found randomly

  5. Merry christmas yall <3



  6. MikuHatsune

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    Buffs only fpr pve. Nerfs only in pvp. Thanccs

  8. MikuHatsune

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    oh god finally eng has got some buff . I literally got like 1 ice thingy per run 16 times a row......
  9. MikuHatsune

    Returning Playah

    i guess. I've played all 3 of them . FP because his 3rd job buffs are...godlike. force burning punisher wtfBM gets also op buffs . LK with his sword skill and maxed lvl deals a fuckton of dmg. His whole dungeon run can be made of purely cmboing tf outta mobs because of his op physical . and force windmill wtf
  10. MikuHatsune

    Returning Playah

    Best PVE chars atm are LK , FP and BM!
  11. MikuHatsune

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    But.....clear is a type of weather isn't it? So basically no rain , nor cloudy. :/ oh well....Imma do it asap Well it is a weather type in my opinion. Imagine you are going out at like 9pm. Your friends asks you if its raining/cold/cloudy or whatever You don't say "It's not cloudy" You basically say it's "clear" The ping tho was not necessary but ok. There you go Ps: before you lecture other people , change your own theme. Yours isn't completely right too. Oh https://blog.metservice.com/weather-terms Ok then
  12. MikuHatsune

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    Buff FatalPhantom coz hes bae and not OP enough lmao