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  1. w8 wot really? oh ddaeng Lemme change it real quick
  2. Cozy Summerstyle Lu Don't forget to wear fitting shoes and a sun protector! items used:
  3. Add as elder Price from "Book of mormon"! "I BELIEVE IN THE BOOK OF MORMON!" ref+items used
  4. @Shiryelle hey ho! About this weeks VD... https://www.marvel.com/characters ^found this. Am I allowed to choose a char from there? Even if they aint "popular" or smth like that?
  5. you really need some manners boi

    1. gone1


      who r u LOL

  6. Me doing my design for VD : Heck yeah , it is a great idea to use the GoD accessoires!! What an original idea!!! *done with outfit* *looks at all the other outfits* Well f**k me , guess I wasn't the only one with that idea.... why does that happen to me in every single VD
  7. Excuse me? What exactly is your problem? Im not bad . I play elsword for 10 years now. Chill down please and stop attacking.... Geez , how old are you even?
  8. Yes , I do relate. Like bro , this is literally so fucking annoying. oh and @Erias . Don't get me wrong but I also think you're one of those "oh imma just pick the strongest char" guys that instantly kick ppl outta the dungeon cuz they CAN'T do any dmg. How do you even want to hit a mob if , eg a FP uses pre cast mod burning-punisher? the problem about that retarted system is..... People are literally too dumb to differ between "leeching" and "not strong enough" "not quick enough" or whatever yadayadayada. Same happened to me. Got interested in anemos. Got kicked out often , because I'm "too slow" well yeah sorry bro but like , what should I do with lv 55 gear (i WAS AT AROUND LV 73 AT THAT TIME OOF) and with a class that is specialized in PVP . Jesus .
  9. @Shiryelle I have made 2 cosplays of chernabog with my raven and uhh yeah,.... lowkey confused now. The wikipedia site tells me that it is supposed to be a BLACK satan , tho he looks more like dark blue in the film . Should I make a dark blue or black cosplay? Or am I misinterpreting his appearance?
  10. someb00ty sell me CM hair laby for 100kk REEEE (ples)

  11. Would anyone be so kind and show the pics of how CL looks like for every char? Thanksu~
  12. Hey Ho , wassup? I have a question for ya , hope u don't mind~ Ur Aisha in your Voids Designer Entry , what eye customization is that? Can't seem to remember those oof. They look really nice!

    1. Rhi


      Hello is a Ieru Eyes eyes 


    2. MikuHatsune


      Aahh thank you~

    3. Rhi



  13. Title. I dont see any reason to not do this. Kinda annoying . Especially when u have one main but wanna gear your 2nd main ~>FP main but I wanna gear up my laby too ( or just any example given idk)
  14. Free bump coz i love this thread Hope dem mods will see this oofers