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  1. Tbh this signature just went unchanged for really long cause we didn't have signatures back when I left (when did that happen btw? lol)
  2. It's been almost 2 years and I'm coming back to Void. Here is my obligatory thread. Enjoy. EDIT: Also I'd appreciate it if someone could fill me in on what's been happening since I left, I basically have not looked at els at all since then
  3. *inhales* Let me just get my salt out here. No, I'm not salting at the staff or at the fact that so many people lost ED. I've seen screenshots and chat logs from all of the void-related discord servers I'm in that feature Inaste's conversations since this event occurred. Inaste was banned from void (rightfully so if I might add) because he was hacking in PVP. That's no secret. The fact that he decided to go on the warpath against Void because he was butthurt about something that was no one's fault but his own disturbs me greatly. What this really is is a glorified temper tantrum from Inaste, and now the players, the mods, the GSes, and of course CM/Ran have to suffer for it. All because he's being an immature little shit. How much of a mental toddler do you actually have to be to go through all this and attempt an assassination on a pserver of a trashy anime MMO? It's beyond disgusting and I really hope he gets punished as he rightfully deserves. Rant over. Have a nice day.
  4. @♫ ηι¢σ ♪ tfw I finally figured out how to ping bae

    1. Hail


      Niggaz copy everything we say! Louis frames. Eyes lower than my GPA. 

  5. Welcome Bonus points for adorableness Watch out for the creepy perverts
  6. DC because I've mained him as long as I've played Void. Ara because she's my waifu hnnnnnnnngggg
  7. Elboy: RS or IS Aisha: EM Rena: GA Raven: BM Eve: CBS Chung: DC Ara: AS Elesis: GrM if you are undergeared, CrA or BH if geared. Add: MM LuCiel: NB Rose: All of them for different reasons Ain: EE pre-nerf, AT post-nerf
  8. Idk why DC is being brought up in this thread even after the nerfs to ASQB and Deadly Shot. The multi hit nature of his skills (Shooting Bind, Shooting Star, Bullet Blitz, Trick Shot, Burning Punisher) make it easy to charge awakening, and even if you can't berserk for some reason, he is not nearly as ammo dependent as he was pre-2.0. He is fine in PVE. If you are really concerned about berserk just slap an RoF on him and you are golden. He even has a passive that goves him a 60% chance to berserk when not using 3 beads sooo, what is the issue? P.S. I want to play elboi why are all of his classes trash
  9. I actually just capped an IS yesterday, and he is definitely good as long as you can accept something a bit different from usual. He gets massive crit buffs between the level 60 and 70 passives. The biggest thing to note though is that his skills have an unholy amount of hits. I could just imagine the amount of procs you can make for proc titltes or water or dark. The only downside I could say is he is pretty squishy and can punish you if you try to tank with Iron Body or something. But I am a Chung main so what do I know right.
  10. Yeah Void needs change... a lot of change... got any quarters?
  11. One hundred likes! I guess people like me after all lol

  12. I'm gonna just leave this here lol.
  13. No offense but you should definitely cap and get better gear before taking on heroics. At the very least a better weapon... Just trying to save you the frustration.