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  1. if you don't find anyone of us online i have the guild Ad up so feel free to apply there
  2. yea sure let me hop on and i'll invite you
  3. one main and one alt is the limit unless you are really active then you may put in two alts i think i'll have to check with the GM
  4. i'll be on for the next couple of hours so if you feel like logging in i'll invite you XD
  5. ok well if you would like to join just shoot up a message here XD
  6. did you get invited because if not i can invite you when you have the time to get on are you in the guild? if not are you still interested? huehue
  7. we have about 66 people right now and counting
  8. Bump~
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  11. But we still love you even though you will bring "Doom" to us all lmfao.... no ok bye *goes and drinks Clorox*
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