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  1. Ignia already has a large score difference compared to the other two teams, it kind of makes it feels like the other teams will give up eventually because "Everyone will get the same buff and rewards anyways", if I could think of ways to motivate the other teams, maybe we could do lesser amount of rewards for 2nd and 3rd place. ( For example, 2,500 guild coins for 1st place, 2,000 for 2nd and 1,500 for 3rd) It's still alot, but at least I think it still motivates people to push through for their team. It will also make this whole team system more relevant. If teams are randomly assigned, it might be a problem because what if one team has more of the stronger players, and the other team doesn't have much strong players as compared? That itself can also lead to a disadvantage, unless we have a way to balance the players between numbers and strength, but that is technically impossible to do. I think having the Event Team Suggestion thread for us to suggest team names would be a good idea, at least it fits more to the community. Honestly, I am more concerned about the voting, with larger amount of people, that also means more different opinions on what should be chosen because of each players individual needs, at least with discussions going on, we can easily agree as a whole with what majority wants. There's been quite a few disagreements on the server buffs from what I have seen.
  2. Gonna copy paste what I posted in discord
  3. Btw, is the token cube per character or per account? And for the guild coin reward, is it automatically sent into our guilds, or to the guild master to put into the guild?
  4. Inb4 the counter has Ignia winning and the other teams has 0 votes
  5. Who would you go for? Personally I am in for Ignia
  6. Contest: Void's Designer Theme: Promotional Costumes party! Description: Dress up using the character's promotional costumes. Additional Details: Required to have at least one promo costume piece in your entry - ✕ - Contest: Void's Designer Theme: Elrios Musical Description: There are many musicals that are well known (Phantom of the Opera,Les Miserables,Wicked) dress your character as a character from a musical! Additional Details: Provide a picture of who you are dressing up as - ✕ - Contest: Void's Artist Theme: A Relaxing Moment Description: It's often tiring grinding so much in Elsword, the Elgang deserves to take a rest once in awhile. Draw the Elgang relaxing or doing leisurely activities! They could be just sitting around, admiring the scenery,playing around etc. Additional Details: - - ✕ - Contest: Void's Artist Theme: Vocaloid x Elsword Description: Draw a crossover between a Vocaloid Song and the Elsword characters! Additional Details: Let's avoid the songs with innuendos-
  7. It was hard to pick which category to dress my character in, if it was allowed I would had attempted them all -sweats-

  8. Tfw I'm trying to find this one Chinese song but I forgot how it goes

    1. AKC


      Happens a lot, really

  9. Accepted, be patient and wait for someone available to add you into the guild (Also mind redoing your intro? Sorry )