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  1. [REVIVAL] The Dia de Los Muertos Event!

    How long would you have the event last? If it's two weeks you'd need to spend three hours on hero hell dungeons a day (assuming one run lasts 10 min), every day for a +11 and double that for the +12. If it's three weeks, it'd still be 2 hours and four hours respectively. This is assuming you take no breaks and that you don't fail a single run. I agree that it should not be easy to get a +11 or +12, but this way you don't have any time left for other parts of the event. I'm not sure how you could improve this. It should stay hard, yet still doable. If you wanted the event to last longer this point is moot but it's worth thinking about.
  2. off topic: great mahoiku ava @EstefaniLove on topic: I love what you're trying to do and especially the idea of megaphone trades and fluorite trades/crafts is something I'd like to see implemented. A big +1 from me <3
  3. I'm okay with it and I'll lose several bils, assuming nothing else happens. I want the hackers and those with hacked ed to be punished, no matter how much I'll lose. It's why I'm for a rollback too.
  4. I'd rather lose my progress and ed than see those who took advantage of the ed hack go free. With no rollback they'll keep everything they obtained with the hacked ed. Not to mention the people who sold ec and now lose both the ec and the ed they got from it.
  5. [Remake] Compensation Suggestion

    Why is PK ain excluded? He has a PK set.
  6. as long as the coins/tickets/certificates exist and you can sell them to get ed, hackers can spawn them and profit off them. by deleting all coins/tickets/certificates so there are no ways to get like 100mil by selling one item, hackers can't make money by using them. it's not just to get rid of the hacked ed, it's to prevent more ed being hacked into the server too :<
  7. AYYYYYYYYY L     M        A          O             o           o            o           。        。      .       .        .         . .
  8. Hi! Please pm me when you're online/join our discord so we can invite <3 You could apply with miyu too, I usually check the ad multiple times a day.