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  1. i appreciate the recognition and implementation. hopefully we can get some of the discussed changes implemented. also, maybe you could start adding buff weeks or buff titles into your forum posts about updates (Stab Maint/Whatever)?
  2. we can definitely work out a list for the exchanges/crafts that the NPC could have but I'd rather not dedicate the time until I know for a fact that the NPC would be implemented you know? the rest of the ideas are pretty much on point, a break week is fine really... makes a lot of sense as well
  3. Honestly I can't see a reason for heroics ever being a point of farming, regardless of your status on the server - there are just better/easier options, but hey you do you. OT: Once you have an NPC made and fully created, is it simple to add/remove it from the game? If so, another possibility is to have an NPC that comes in & out less often than the other rotations, which uses items that are obtained from the end of dungeons during the week it is active, that sells some PRIVATE SERVER OOOH-esque stuff. Thinking some IM/EC gated but still cheap stuff, maybe per char ice burners, stuff like that. <[ * _ * ]7
  4. Could always have people vote for what they want weekly as well. a little extra work, but will increase staff's visibility a little.
  5. I think if you take pairing up into mind you have to be a little more cautious of the effects on the actual server. Not sure how I'd do that, but I do really like the idea of a rotation inside the rotation, ie; Groups with random choices. [Leveling-Up Related] - EXP Increase? - Random Missions - All SDs Open - A pouch with EXP items [Gearing-Up Related] - No Ticket Elrianode - Type-Void Drop Rate - Gamble cube of some sort for fluorites/reset scrolls/other gear related items - Increased Global Drop Rate - Increased Henir Rewards [QOL & Misc] - Increased Stats (Batches, maybe? All attacks, then another week all speeds?) - Double Title Count - QOL-themed pouch (Inventory expansions/Fetch Aura/***BANK*** expansions) - I'm sure there are more and theres a lot more that can be worked out. So you would pick a group for a week, and then within that group you'd pick a buff. Or something like that? If you wanted a concrete schedule I could try and put some brain power towards it.
  6. I can believe that pretty easily. This game is a mess code wise from the very little I've seen and understood. As I said I think that any sort of change like this is a step in the right direction. I say go for it, once a month or a week out of a month or something. If it works well without being a pain in the ass for development then keep it and see if it can be improved. If it really doesn't do much for the server but adds a shit ton of work for you guys I'm sure the decision will come down to axe it. edit: did some more thinking today. I think a reward pouch that could give different crafting mats towards more Nexus' (the things you use for the +9s, name kept for the sake of the theme) to make various beneficial things. I'm thinking making it region based, right? So elder to varnimyr has it's own tier of rewards, mostly just changing the drop rates and quantities between the mats. Then you can use the mats to craft either say... An untradeable, unbanksharable, temporary +10 amulet, or some poru seals, or inventory expansions for the really low tiers. You know just general usage shit. Preferably keeping the crafting cost low to nil, because the point is incentive not just substance.
  7. first off; can i ask why it wouldn't be possible? With the correct tuning it wouldn't be detrimental to the health of the server, but I would have to assume that the effort in changing these values is relatively simple, so I wouldn't know if it's actually complicated. server buffs being bi-weekly, or whatever, are nice. Literally any incentive to play the game is better than none, you know? I think the void pouch would be good, but depending on the rewards you could like literally break the economy with just a day of drops. It would have to be something that's actually thought out, and not a relatively quick thrown in mish mash of random amounts. Which would lead to a lot of players complaining, especially if they don't get the rewards they want or it's on a day/week they can't farm. That's why I was going with the weekly thing, because even if you do miss a few weeks you're not left out waiting several/a few weeks for some benefit or desire to play. but yeah thanks for the reply, any improvement/implementation of this would be great i think.
  8. Probably should have been on the salt thread. but anyone complaining about RNG makes me happy so hello i hope you have better luck in the future boyo