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  1. Hi ! Sooooooooo, I decided to make my request for this guild (seems to perfectly meet my criteria) ! ⋆ IGN : Shrade / Syrilla ⋆ Member/Guest : Member ! * Main/Alt : Hum... I have only 2 characters for now and play them equally, soooooo Fatal Phantom and Radiant Soul ⋆ Languages : English (i'm trying at least), French, Spanish (a little) ⋆ Why do you wish to join us ? : Well... Lylan helped me few days ago to choose my secondary character after my break (aka Radiant Soul), and here we go again, helping me to find a guild as well ! And your guild seems to meet all my criteria as well ! * About me : Hum.... I'm a young 21 yo (almost 22) French student in History/Geography, that's it for the IRL informations ~ I'm also a shy person, soooooo... and I play Elsword since January 2013.
  2. Thank you all for these propositions ! I think I've choose the one fitting all my criteria !
  3. Hello everyone ! I came in this section to find a guild ! Since I started in this game (in 2013), I mostly played alone, even though I was a long time member in a guild composed of some friends spending most of their time chatting rather than actually being active. But now my guild is not active at all (I've been in a break for almost 1 year and I came back few weeks ago, my guild was literally dead). Soooooo, I want to find a new one, a real one ! I'm oriented PvE exclusively, even if I'm not against doing some PvP games between members for fun of course. I've always been a solo player, so I'll be mostly running alone, but if my help is needed or if you want me to run with you, of course I'll do it without any hesitation ! Obviously, I have some obligations in my life, and I wouldn't be always connected, but it will be very rare, I'm almost playing everyday. My english isn't good as well, I'm sorry for that. My characters are : - Shrade (Fatal Phantom and my main ; you can see my love ♥) - Syrilla (Radiant Soul) - I'm thinking about create a real secondary character (either Daybreaker or Prime Operator) If you're also curious about me (IRL), you can do it in PM ~ Thanks !