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  1. Ykhar

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    I will res.
  2. Ykhar

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    Ok I didn't expect this tbh
  3. Ykhar

    Greetings all!

    Hi, hi Shi! French is so damn beautiful... :heart: Good luck with your job~
  4. Ykhar

    Naivety's mod intro

    Hello, Nai. Good luck~ Sadly I don't speak taco :(
  5. Ykhar

    It's me ya bwoi PhysicsTM

    Best siggys ever. Welcome, new mod! I hope you will stay here long~
  6. Ykhar

    Rules Being Changed To Ban Players

    Yata is a GM :omegalul:
  7. i just want to freely talk about everything in this server without worrying about being banned someday for bullshit rule that doesn't exist. //inserts PyrrhaFacepalm
  8. how broken is Void staff actually? you won't show the evidence to us, because YOU DONT EVEN HAVE IT. That's the fact. I'm really bored how you guys are trying to wash our eyes, ears and brain with all those lies. Omegalul.
  9. Bring back Elesis' Snap crusher, kick and heavy stunner. Those skills were so fun to use in pvp. only if kog could remove her shitty transcendence active and replace with one of these I mentioned...(talking mostly about Empire Sword).
  10. Ykhar

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Wait, is that pose permanent? :glare: If so, then I'm glad. I always wanted that pose for my characters.
  11. inhales N E V E R L A N D S!!!!! Good luck with your guild tho. I hope it will grow big~
  12. VIG, HNOr and SV. Nothing else.
  13. Ykhar


    There was similar suggestion long time ago and it was declined. GMs won't make perkisas weapon tradeable.
  14. Rose shouldn't be in this game. She doesn't fit here. She's fun, I agree. but like I said, Elsword isn't place for her.
  15. I just created new account and my LuCiel is actually level 60. I'm too lazy w/o erp.