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  1. Eve as a rose IGN: Ykhar Reference: Used items: Eve's Me Gustas Tu Weapon (Ver.1) Eve's Dream Darling Hair Eve's Celestial Lady of dark clouds top (ver.2) Eve's 2017 winter casual bottom (ver.2) Eve's KR 2014 Contest Gloves Eve's summer vacation Shoes (ver.2) Alluring Rose Eve's El Lord red earrings
  2. As you wish.
  3. Omai. I thought it's May.... Happy new year in May!!! Yes. I was there. Because Add can't be alone, right? inserts Megu face here
  4. Hello! Some of you probably saw that for a few days I was active here. But I decided to come back to forums~ I'll probably visit the game too, but only for fashion. [like.... I don't wanna play Elsword anymore] Expect me in void forum events anyway.
  5. It depends on the seller when they load. Also they can sell when they want... there's no special time or day... Whatever.
  6. New season. That's your answer.
  7. Why not IP? Better than grenade-spamming-TT and ModernEzioWannabeDC.
  8. Long time no see here.... Hahaha. Well.... Let me say something... No matter how long you will try to change Inaste. She will never listen to us. She play how she wants. And.... The real problem is that she is recording videos just to show, how "great" she is. She tries to raise her self-esteem.... Well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Inaste is Inaste. Nothing will reach her.... And in my opinion - That's how typical nub BM play.
  9. I went to Elsword because of curiosity and I left immediately. For a while I thought I could come back..... Nah. Have fun all AP players!
  10. Do not forget us :^( bai bai
  11. Inactive on forums I guess. I'm right? Oh well, but you are playing on Closers too ^^ Anyways dont worry. People will always trash, no matter what. I dont play PvP and Elsword anymore so I don't know what exactly happened. Goodbye Inaste.
  12. Hello the givaway's time passed. I will request for lock now @Stay @Poppy @Structure And I will contact the winners via PM tomorrow around 3pm +1 GMT. ~ Thank you for participating in my giveaway~
  13. Lolol im bored after 5 years of els~