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  1. BH - Icicle wave, Freezing point investigation, Ice Storm, Ice Rune, Water cannon RIP FREEZING HEART.
  2. Should Void Reconstruct?

    Ain is still new character so it's understandable he haven't got any costumes which other characters got.
  3. Did you just make an account just to throw here your "ez" matches, inaste?
  4. Quitting Void

    Wait what.... "You'll won't" - You will will not? - sorry, but this is really funny mistake. Also welcome back to forums, Jenna!
  5. Summer Event Discussion

    Rose and Eve's summer cut ins....
  6. When you play pvp as a SD. No items, no skill spam. Ofc you won and later you are getting tons of whispers. "Fuck you Inaste-wannabe", "git gud", "leave void, kill yourself", "kys kys kys bitch". Every whisp from the same person.
  7. aloha

    Congrats and good luck~
  8. Hello hello!

    Congrats and good luck~
  9. Hello~!

    Omgosh, it's Annovie! Congrats and good luck with your position as a Game Sage~
  10. Greetings!

    Congrats and good luck with your duties! ~
  11. nerf the elysion stages

    No, because Elysion stages are alright. There is no reason to nerf them.... You can easily solo with +9 weapon from lv.85 cube.
  12. I'll just copy paste it.
  13. Exactly. Same here on CN. People are so retarded...
  14. Leaving for good

    Goodbye and take care of yourself!