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  1. IGN: Lechter Name/What you want to be called: Rira Timezone:(Optional) : +7GMT Shigu: I slacc a lot but on discord most of the time so this should slide right in Shigu Shigu?: I love seeing pretty things and a side of grandblue, elsword is just for events and daily drab Shigu!: ill join if theres a nice convo and ill be mostly sharing memes or stealing them kek
  2. you'll need aspirin from Monday to Saturday and Viagra in sunday if you wanna last in this guild, keep your eyes on the frags and we are the guild that cares for you since we have the speed on ED buff
  3. if ya'll get in this guild you better have earplugs on Monday and aspirin for the rest of the week
  4. Merry bump and keep your b a r r i e r f r a g s save
  5. Pattisier set on the IM for all characters (I want my pink ara hair q.q)
  6. whats the set effects ? is it the same as normal EP ?
  7. can uhh you at least make some of the event craftable stuff on the IM ? since a lot of us wants to have it but lacks the RNG
  8. TFW another player grow up, seeing my els peers going up in the world feelsgoodman, it makes me feel that playing elsword isn't as bad as i initially thought i would like the rose EOvD armbrand the reason is that i bought the combo separately since i dont have the money but after buying the other parts it cost wayyyyy to much, so the armbrand really helps. GL and live good IGN: Luserie