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  1. Flfissodk

    varnimyr dungeons

    What do i gain from doing the new raids ?
  2. Flfissodk

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    please can you add the NA contest 2014 set in magic wardrobe please ? (the elesis one looks awesome)
  3. Flfissodk

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    Elesis 2014 NA Contest hair it would be nice if this one was added..
  4. Flfissodk

    QUITTING|Huge NewYear's Eve Giveaway

    Any ibs for eve or ara Ign : Lumiru Thank you very much
  5. What if IBs prices didn't rise that much at the beginning was because of the "double chance to pull IBs" thing, i mean with the hype of double drop, lots of people tried to burn to get their set but then they saw that even with double drop it wasn't worth ? (not getting enough IBs, waste of money etc..). Thus for next rotations and all prices went way higher simply cuz people stopped burning, less supply more demand etc.. Hackers have always been present on void, i believe we just started to be aware of them troubling the economy is simply because the supply in IBs is so weak that these people with insane ammount of ed just doesn't care about the price they will pay the IB for so they can just increase the prices. But if we get the ICs back, there will be way more supplies in IB than now and thus when these hacker/rich guys get their set they have no reason to buy 50x the same set, prices will naturally decrease cuz there will be lots of supply, people will fight to get their IBs sold etc.. I think ?
  6. Flfissodk

    Tl;dr: Add back Ice Crystals.

    What did removing ICs actually gives us i personally didn't see any change except that's it's freaking hard for me to get these IB set now and the actual IBs prices don't help at all I find the suggestion pretty good (making ice crystal usable just for a rotation) it's not that i can't cash up money and all it's just the fact that even if i spend hundred of bucks in burning i'm not even guaranteed to get a full set for the character i want. Thus i'd rather not burn anything. I'm sure i cannot be the only who thinks like this, so bringing back ICs might makes more people buy EC and thus lowering rates and IBs prices i don't know ?.. I mean even if it doesn't fix our current rates and all giving more ways to get our IBs cannot hurt i think ?..
  7. Flfissodk

    How are the new pull rates?

    100 per character : 2 bottom 50 all character : 1 shoes 1 bottom 1 glove i cry
  8. hello i've been searching for a LOW eve for such a long time..

    i'd like to offer 2.1b on it

    1. Hispaña


      Alrighty! Noted

  9. Hello, i've been trying to much to spring step on eve but it just doesn't seem to work so i wanted to try this but the program doesn't seem to work as i still can press both keys at the same time can someone help ?
  10. Flfissodk

    Faster IB rotation

    What about rotating IBs like every weeks or 2 weeks ? Wouldn't that decrease chance for some IBs set to be utterly expensive ? If we miss a particular set we wouldn't have to wait a year to get it for a normal price Whales burning IBs more often = more ICs + more people buying ICs to get their own set = ED sink ? Dunno if i expressed myself clearly but i do personally believe that by decreasing the amount of time between each rotation it might satisfy more people.