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  1. I miss the time where the ED burner are launched With the first rota of Black EL offi few ED Burner and ya had the full set Best time cuz we had enogh of this and i mean with this Cape was maybe around 50~80m you could burn around 50 burners and ya got almost the ed back (or more ) if you sold all shit but void decreased the rate cuz everybody had this IB and now we are here with less then 10% Drpo chance for IB cubes Thats how to fix it
  2. LordPsy


    You can exchange them at neaun for barriers or something
  3. Exactly It's for Laby that she gets this again or get a chance. I personally would like someone like This blue royal servant again with the pink maid things or succubus IB (idk the name) or maybe completely new ibs like LoW in character colors. But the problem is, if ya do a rota with out the laby staff (IB) then the laby player will be pissed. If you do a rota that was rotated but now again cuz laby. Then the other players would be pissed, like right now Solutions = if it would be IB then making a separate IB for Laby would be no bad idea, even if it's temporarily till laby gets most of all IBs
  4. You are disappointed again? I'm always disappointed. Just because the fact that 2 weeks later staff still not even responded to my suggestion I guess I have to wait cuz looking a suggestion and make thoughts on it + write a text need a long time. Gonna wait easily more then this 2 weeks lmao And they even said that it takes a while
  5. We don't even have school wear costumes there the bois use there jacked as a fcking cape..
  6. "The drop rates for Magic Amulet Lv.10 & Magic Amulet Lv.11 have been doubled for this Treasure Chest rotation" So.. Do we can feel that it's doubled? Like that you can get this thing now a little micro bit easier? Or is this again a prank like rate goes from 0,01 to 0,02%?
  7. Wtf.. You can't change the title Ppl votet for "make +11 obtainable in ice burner" and not for "make the chance higher" maybe its the same but ya can't change the title. Maybe some ppl don't want that the chance gets higher?
  8. You can't make items such as character expansion or Bank VIP things as physical items because they don't exist as physical things in inventory. I think it won't work due to technical difficulties
  9. Not rly We only had some weekly quests like "kill this enemies at field" or "play this dng" then u got some ed and materials which ya could exchange at Ariel for some accessories
  10. You should known that this is his Topic .. Also this nonsense post is strange
  11. Yea well Yata only said "if that helps any, i greatly appreciate that you took the time to make a big suggestion in order to contribute to the server, but bigger suggestions also take much more time to implement/try out/flesh out" I mean it's understandable but I'm not gonna wait more weeks for respond that you can write in 1 hour.
  12. Well the question would be: Would this be not to op for neaun ? Like we put some customizations into her like some eye's or what ever