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  1. Take a look at ma suggestion about Naeun Maybe ya have more ideas what I can add into it
  2. And I was hoping for some limited sales or cool stuff but this only means that I have to not go online for another 2 weeks
  3. Yea and she said this Before 5 months or more Also +1 And
  4. +1 Also I would add it if you like to my Naeun suggestions like something with this jewels for the full set Maybe 15 jewels and few Ed to craft it
  5. Well... I thought the server buffs would be perm..
  6. -1 Why should it be free? Maybe at events like crafting but not free
  7. Well In my opinion the event was Okey. For the first few days I had farmed so much but since I got most of every drop from cube a consume thing what I "don't" had cuz I had over few stacks. I think they shouldn't put 90%consume things and 10 % useful stuff like wise stones or amulets. Like above said, it was a event more for newbies and not rly endgame player, ofc the consumes are good but.. If you farm the cubes and hope for a good thing beside consumes, then you needed good rng Also the selection of the idol girls was really good fanbase studied, I mean if they used Google or looked at some fanarts or something like that, then they would see who would winning.. That was a bit disappointed. Also the fact that ppl already decided who will win on the first day (forum or mega) with "Chose Ignia!" etc. But yea overall I hope the stuff learned from it, also I would find it better if the rewards would be mixed like -fixed drop = 2 - drops from enemies = 3~6 or something like that.