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  1. LordPsy

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    So.. How much of this mats drop from raid? (mean this for exchanges for da accessories)
  2. LordPsy

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Well.. +1 for the exchange and IB but.. -1 cuz still no x-mas event So I'm neutral to this
  3. LordPsy

    I am actually back

    Well.. Welcome back I think (even if I don't have a clue who you are)
  4. LordPsy

    PvP Master Title

  5. LordPsy

    PvP Master Title

  6. Wew.. 2 times a stability Time to don't play till next week or even go on for daily
  7. *scroll down the main page to Update to see if Ye get now something* I hope we can get today the x-mas event cuz it's boring at void and a event would be cool cuz it's almost December
  8. LordPsy

    PvP Master Title