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  1. The problem is that you need to find Qualified ppl which you can trust. That's not easy how it is
  2. Bump Even if we got a update for Naeun wat was mainly a change and reduce of items
  3. Well.. You should use the time to farm instead of making such comments like this I mean if void would implement this, then everyone would have too much ed and then ED would be nothing worth. Just go farming Also "this would be perfect for ppl who want to grind" you already get at lanox luto 1m or more + the barrier
  4. That's it, I had over 6 stacks of these and now they are doing a exchange thing even if you can't get these mats anymore? Maybe at ED Burner idk.. Not only you I saw the "Naeun's rework" and thought "OMG FINALLY THEY IMPLEMENTED MY SUGGESTION!!! YAAAY" then I looked at this content.. My lvl of disappointment was never so high like right now First this time and space thing I mean nobody have these mats anymore.. Do the staff know this that they got deleted? And now this rework.. Well I guess the best part is that you can put sd into MW and get some consumes.. In my opinion they had a good idea but wtf.. Over 250ppl votet for suggestion and 1 down vote Anyway eh.. Good job
  5. No ty I don't need a event with a +11 or +10 crafting with a mats value of 999 or more Like this at x-mas event with the +10 or HH This was terrible
  6. It's not allowed to talk about bans Only cuz you got banned doesn't mean that every post of you is about bans and other ppl bans.
  7. Your right I will wait a bit till I edit it Cuz I want to hear the others opinions too
  8. I know right But if we chance the El reward to barrier then it would be to easy. Like we are doing for +10 amulet 999 barrier that would be something around 20m or bit more at board and Since this option is not temporary this would be ok Also cuz of that many ppl play SD to get mats and sell them I don't see any problems with it. And if you take a look at the quests for el reward, you can see that it would take maybe 2 or 3 days (less with many characters) to farm these el rewards
  9. Well this with ''once per acc'' is something different its more a quest like - Do 100 SD & 50 Hero dng to get a weap only +10 amulet or something like this Edit: I was thinking about changes like this = +10 amulet crafting And for +9 amulet crafting Does anyone has other suggestions how to make this more balanced ? Because its quit hard to balance it cuz of New ppl and endgame ppl if we change the El Reward to Barrier then it would be easy for newbies and pretty easy for endgame ppl so I don't think that this would be a good idea so I let it be by the El rewards cuz its a perm option so ppl can take ya time to grind a bit for these things also you can get this El rewards from cubes and from tree which gives you random 1 till 5 or something like this. Any suggestions to make it better not to easy for endgame ppl and not to hard for newbies
  10. '' I'd go as far as to say to make it unbankshareable as well, so people cannot easily +10 their whole gear by making a few alts (this mostly concerns endgame-ish players who can farm these materials very easily already - +10 still has a value even when your weapon is already +10, please do not forget that!). If they wish to +10 their entire gear (as in Elrianode), they have to give up a seal count to send it to their main, which I think is quite fair in this regard. '' What Dream said I also think to make it unbanksharable would be better