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  1. Lunya

    [Monthly] Void's Artist

    title: I join void artist because I force myself to overcome my procrastination and art block, also getting proud of my coloured sketch only later to be demotivated and depressed because of all the great entries that's bound to win instead of yours and no I'm not seeking staff attention with this long ass gintama copyrighted title. aka Radiant Winter next up on: luna chokes blood trying to finish painting this 2 hours before thread locks new update: i finished earlier than i want but ok, time to die i guess wip: ref:
  2. Lunya

    Official GFX Contest(?)

    +1 because i deadass am not good at anything else other than editing plus good for practice
  3. The lizard quickly became addicted to the songs and have decided, once the merchs for Hypmic are released, he promised by his heart he would by everything available, and go broke.
  4. do you even think to use this in pvp..? i think not- unless you think it looks as cool as it does in the anime
  5. Lunya

    [7/6/18] Update Discussion Thread

    "I dont understand chess arena hype" GOOD SIR GET OUT
  6. Lunya

    [7/6/18] Update Discussion Thread

    need chess arena for ain SOMEONE PLEASE SELL IT TO ME WITH DISCOUNT
  7. Lunya

    Are you a 1 main or multiple alts person?

    Both really, I main Richter and Catastrophe, probably Apsara soon. The rest are just alts that I don't even bother maxing lol im just lazy to max them all, i only have the dedication to max richter but not ee or apo
  8. i shouldn't have made the banners too bright
  9. Lunya


    Honestly I just started going back to voidels 3 weeks ago and now I feel bored. I'm going to stop playing voidels,there's really nothing much for me to see here anymore. I might come back for new characters but I won't stay for that long.
  10. Sorry to say this but for now we're not accepting any recruits! Please note that this is only for a temporary while so don't get your hopes down!