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  1. Hello I would like to join the guild Why?, Why not! I dont have a guild atm because I wants playing for a while, and playing with other people is more fun right. info: ign: Torankussu . class: Rune Slayer. about me : Im 15, I like games , anime , manga and that sort of weeb stuff. I play love live hanayo best girl. nothing else intesting about me :P.
  2. Hello~ Id like to enter the guild IGN: ArtMixz Class: Night Watcher Why do you want to join us: playing with other people is more fun, and my irl friends dont play elsword About you: Im 15, Brazillian, I like anime and games, I play love live SIF, and I dont know what else to put here XD Do you like whales? I dont have anything against them, Id say they are giant dolphins