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  1. To all my lovely friends who tolerated me this long, I thank you all. I am SakraAra, Irralesse, and Yugirin. It's beena good run but sadly between depression, loneliness, emptiness, you know all that usual stuff that eventually akes a person leave finally hit me. Most may know me as that stupid guy who kept making the looking for lewdable wife rooms. I enjoyed it cause i made a lot of friends and met lots of people through it. No one really insulted me or made fun of me they just hang out and for that i was grateful. Others know me as few of the 8 and 7-100 sellers. Sometimes 6 to close friends. And very few knew me as the obnoxiously obsessed fan of ignia who hung around her npc just sitting there in ch3. Well to those who knew me thankyou. I had fun but eventually i grew tired of playing the game mostly alone. So now some of you may ask, well why didnt you just ask people to join you? Problem is thats all i ever did. Never really had anyone want me to go with them aside from like one person but that died off too sadly. It just got to the point unless i practically stalked someone I couldnt get anyone. For me its just depressing. Part of guilds and all too but no one really sought me out. Granted there was always plenty of stronger people so cant blame them. People much rather sadly prefer efficiency speed and clear over well me lol. I am not spiteful if anything i understand just wish i had people who would put me on a leash and drag me around. Its why I spent time helping newbies and running people day in and out. Were the only ones who needed me. So ultimately I just grew too lonely and bored in the game. I found a new one a bit more active so if anyone's interested in still keeping contact. My discord is open to anyone. Otherwise I mostly just play warframe, survival games like minecraft and dst, or Phantasy Star Online 2. To the people who run void (assuming one will even care to read ) You guys did a great job maintaining elsword going. I always loved the game and void just made it better so I hope everyone continues to keep working on it and make it glorious. Maybe someday ill grow some balls and return. Doubtful as i return and wont really have anything to come back to lol. Blegh anyways thats my dumbo rant and my signing off. Ill stick around a bit more just in case i get lucky and find some chill peeps to talk to on discord and such but will be leaving my guild discords cause lets face it. I wont have a home to come back to and if i do itll be with penalties anyways shrug. Thank you all again. Void Elsword, for what its worth, was really good to me. This is Taorun finally signing off ^^
  2. always a howdy do and fun welcome. everyone appreciates making new friends here
  3. Ignia is best bae!

  4. Taorun

    LF> Casual Guild

    Alright I got enough to look into. Ill check em out as guests and see where we go. Requesting lock ty all for replying @Naivety@PhysicsTM@Structure@Xera @Shiryelle
  5. Taorun

    LF> Casual Guild

    Yup filthy casual here. Looking for a guild that is more easy going and laid back. Preferably one that doesnt push or enforce doing GE's. Even if I am equipped to do it doesnt mean i like pushing it daily. Especially those that kick people who dont do it. Also needs to least have a discord where some people voice chat as I enjoy talking to others. typing and gaming at the same time is not my forte. So a smaller happy go lucky play for fun not for progress guild is my sort of thing. Trying to push for raids is ok and all but most people only take their meta and if you dont fit their bill they wont take you so im just not a pusher anymore. I have a 600k apsara, 720k etw and 500k BlM. Hope to meet some nice friends in the process as this guy likes to talk a lot. hue x3 So hit me up :D. PS yes I was in a previous guild but the requirements to keep up with ge's and such is a big nono for me. I dont ever want to be forced to play a game just to keep myself in a group. I also play other games like Diablo 3, Overwatch (reinhardt main), PSO2, Dont Starve together, and Warframe.
  6. Sell me rose nbs mk2 please D8

  7. Himeko is underrated

    Time to give her more love 

  8. Jaws theme plays. 

  9. I ain't perfect but I ain't stupid either. 

  10. Ara is top tier laifu. Thumbs up!

    1. EunFoxAra
    2. Taorun


      Makes it better her ets3 is ignia. Double the trouble

  11. optional i like. i try to do them when i can but not if its like either do ges or we kick you after so long kind of thing. i am online atm if anyones available.
  12. I wouldn't mind applying myself. IGN: Yugirin . As long as pushing guild expeditions isnt a requirement.
  13. hoi hoi welcome to the forums.
  14. I could use a reinvite to owls on my devi Yugirin I got kicked out due to being in the hospital