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  1. which raven u play and welcome hope you enjoy your time in void
  2. I also also also like it Everyone run ETD so el tears can drop I need to finish my FB elri plz fund 2+ a/a and party phys red also 5* asd thnx or sell me it cheaper than board plz also need crit dmgs for top/shoe and shockwave cutter or divider!! thnx
  3. We don’t have the ED gain ERP here so keep that in mind I believe the TH accessories increase ED gain when you have like 4 equipped? or something, it’s on the set effect I think promo costume increases ED gain too but, who uses those That is all I can recall on how to up ED gain
  4. Literally the only new thing we got is fanfare kinda dissapointing why not re rotate a recolor like IW We had EOvd already we had that pets that mounts that medic set is on IM the car sit is on IM etc cmon bruh cmon WHERES THAT ONE NEW DANCING POSE THAT WE STILL DONT HAVE THAT RELEASED HELLA LONG AGO NOT THE EL STAR ONE ITS ANOTHER ONE GIVE !! ALSO BENCH SIT POSE THE ONE WITH THE BIRDS CMOOOOON YALL SLGDLSHRLDJD this is sad
  5. old ibs rotate when, cmon but thnx for DY i guess
  6. make buff/debuff classes that are wanted in raid and go raid and sell mystics
  7. I like the first one Please I am fucking 8 IBs from being done with this collecting shit I swear if after I am done with Add collecting and I want to collect Raven IBs someone stop me It has been over 3 years of suffering now I started collect in late 2016 I think :sadchamp: didn’t get both IBs every month tho
  8. who wants to join me in storming kog to delete laby because this shit getting out of hand to be tbh..
  9. i mean weve alredy got a few ppl coment about this so i think ppl would burn ye ik i would if no1 else burned even if its 10:100 ibs smh
  10. exacly what im thinking they can do that or bring back 3 ibs the 3rd one would be laby exclude so we can get old ibs back no
  11. if this isnt facts idk what is like it just seems at this point some of the old ibs aint ever gonna be seen again
  12. i mean im just sayin its kinda dumb we gotta wait years for a ib to rotate because new chars but go off
  13. nibba what cuz ppl want old ibs 2 be rotated... without havin 2 wait for laby :bebolook