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  1. MitchHub

    Naivety's mod intro

    You don't have to like your job to perform well. If that were the case, modern society probably wouldn't exist
  2. MitchHub

    Greetings all!

    YOU'RE LATE WITH THE INTROS Enjoy eating pings and tending to flame wars while interacting with this lovely community
  3. MitchHub

    It's me ya bwoi PhysicsTM

    GIVE THIS WOMAN A LIBRARY POWERED BY NUCLEAR ENERGY Your IGN used to be my favourite subject back in school
  4. MitchHub

    Naivety's mod intro

    Flame incoming :omegalul: Enjoy the community at its finest and get some gear pls
  5. MitchHub

    Most fun dungeon?

    Pic should be self-explanatory
  6. MitchHub

    Suggestion: Community Representatives

    @God I was referring to this presumed new role we're discussing about, and I mentioned void's CMs so I could make a point. Let's solve our problems before creating more of them
  7. MitchHub

    Suggestion: Community Representatives

    According to your statement Activision Blizzard, EA and Bethesda should have more CRs than normal players, and there's none
  8. MitchHub

    Suggestion: Community Representatives

    I can see everyone's bandwagoning the votes in light of what happened recently. Thing is, if there's really someone proposing such a role then it's about time both the community and the staff realize something's really gone rotten around here; you're trying to cover mold with fresh paint, thus attempting to bypass the issue. This would surely end up twisting the problems even more: said person will eventually get targeted just like the rest of the staff. CMs exist for a reason, and it's about time some of them started taking responsibility MMOs with very large communities (1m+) don't need such a thing, and surely Void doesn't either
  9. MitchHub

    Rules Being Changed To Ban Players

    Because it's a great opportunity to farm posts
  10. MitchHub

    Why most of the community love to hate rose?

    Because of the useless hating bandwagon caused by those who still don't realize that a game like Elsword's never gonna be balanced the way players want it to be
  11. MitchHub

    Hi Everyone!

    Get your credit card and cash in a couple hundred bucks
  12. MitchHub

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    Eh, how combos in pve started rotting away since the complete cast makeover, with the skill spamming meta paving its way through
  13. Sooo it's 2019 and people are still complaining about not being able to grind for +10s, eh? Well guess what, there's this great feature called PROFESSION SYSTEM, which just so happens to include BLACKSMITH; surely you've heard of it before And shhh, lemme tell you a secret... It's REASONABLY GRINDY! There, you're welcome.
  14. MitchHub

    Because 400m in a +11 and 150m in a +10

    So were you expecting your mom to buy you a +10 ammy and place it under your Christmas tree or something? Those amulets are essentially free from everyone's point of view
  15. MitchHub

    Please neeD event ... for poor player ...

    Dude, how the hell is getting geared on void hard for you. No, seriously, you can just lvl up chars, do the quests from lanox to elysion and there, you have some money to start with If you don't have enough time to farm or real cash to spend, well, sucks to be you I guess