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  1. Let face it we barely use it But hey some people really like this +1 from me
  2. Story quest are great but the que are always empty u can also swing by the sd a lot of op people are there
  3. they can be either ass or helpful [fateful] low key big time guild [fullfrontalguard]
  4. i think crit dmg fall flat after 200% that why people switch over to skill dmg
  5. that one auto ban system is what keep this server alive look all you got to do is keep bump your ban appeal and you're be fine as long as you dont do shady shit in the background
  6. Pvp wise hit like a truck Pve wise meh
  7. not gonna lie they had us in the first half
  8. you can join mine although its just me alone
  9. whats in the raid should stay in raid THE END