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  1. zeheart

    Do you roleplay when you play Elsword?

    No cuz it's cringy as hell
  2. long ass maintain and a bunch of cry baby thread.
  3. zeheart

    Maybe Leave this Game forever

    there many thing to explore rather than stay in this hellhole so have fun on what you decide to do next
  4. zeheart

    Leaving Void for Banned

    Bye have a great time
  5. zeheart

    Later nerds. It was fun.

    well this suck 1 more lost soul
  6. zeheart

    [8/3/2018] Update Discussion Thread

    this event and the layout is so cuteeeeeeee
  7. zeheart

    It would be great if they did

  8. zeheart

    [7/6/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Borderline broke this mouth again
  9. zeheart

    International August Celebration

    +1 for making this +1 to make this happened
  10. zeheart

    [6/29/18] Update Discussion Thread

    This update is mostly for chug raven ain and ara player while the rest can sit in the corner.
  11. zeheart

    [6/15/18] Update Discussion Thread

    oh god plz lower down the ed craft fee
  12. zeheart

    Anti-salt thread

    When clocking on luciel was a thing I enjoy so many key spam on my keyboard ahh good time.