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  1. Akkaraporn

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    No event??? Genmu need to back sell agate again...?
  2. Akkaraporn

    [10/18/18] Update Discussion Thread

    No add event farming lol and pls fix bug my void stage weapon
  3. Akkaraporn

    What's your Combat Power?

    +11 Weapon
  4. Akkaraporn

    [8/31/18] Update Discussion Thread

    =_= Ahhh i hate purple colour is look like i'm gay lol it's joke I think red or green will be better ?
  5. Akkaraporn

    [8/10/18] Update Discussion Thread

    incress drop rate ummmm... i think is very bad for me QQ time for my farm ahhhhh !!!! i'm farm so long and is fixed the drop rate lol
  6. This time attack on event Summer Fiesta All character is +9 No battle elixir no hotspring no GoD buff BQ FP CC No NI Because is fucking use a lot of potion QQ
  7. Akkaraporn

    [Rate and Share Your Stats]

    Ummm Stat is low Maximize 73.5 i will keep to 80 and + passive transcendent will go to 100% i need more cri and cri damage QQ
  8. Akkaraporn

    A little Suggestion about Costume

    +1 and i want this set too
  9. Akkaraporn

    Suddenly maintenance?

    No new event for sure ;w;
  10. I really have this problem becuz i'm not rich by someone i want to play another char but the full gear is in main char can't sharebank T_T
  11. Okay I record now but +10 wep i'm selling it and use +9 wep for solo dungeon Stat & Gear option in vid
  12. Akkaraporn

    [Rate and Share Your Stats]

    +11 ? My Stat +9 Void Wep Stage 15 will get +10 or +11 in someone if i had money Stage Wep no Sage
  13. Akkaraporn

    Enhancement Update - Town Blacksmiths

    blacksmith is very unlucky then Town blacksmith Orz I spend around 300 flu try to +10 but it doesn't got one... +9 to +10
  14. doesn't complete Quest anymore to get.... today is drop from dungeon only =_=