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  1. S/O to those players who don't know wtf a water orb is. We coulda cut the dungeon by 30s to 1min but you decided to brute force your way through the boss
  2. -Remove the speed effect and pass it to the guy who can use portals or the gunner. Or just remove it permanently. Seeing a walking tank out speeding FP or Centurion is ridiculous Also someone do something about Centurion's passives. Four are related to siege shelling which doesn't matter in PVE when the point is to skill your way through every dungeon. The other is connected to commander's mark and again it doesn't matter for the reason above. Just balance the PVE and PVP
  3. They should seriously revamp Luto because the people who cancel either 1. Leave the dungeon and causes the dungeon to glitch which prevents you from going to the next room 2. Clear the whole dungeon before the voting is done In the future it should freeze everyone until the voting is done. Also a yes to opening every SD
  4. I remember kicking an Ain a while ago because the guy was lagging and was walking instead of dashing but doubt that was you because there was a level difference. I understand that you die easily but it's luto dude. That's 3x exp that could help you level up faster + the fact people could have carried you if you had only asked them. Anyways, if you dont want to get the "kick warning" just go ahead of your allies or just attack something as fast as possible.
  5. Thank you KE for taking all the enemies with you it's not like my char. struggles with speed Seriously if you're going to kill everything at least let me know you'll be carrying so I dont waste any resources
  6. I was 100% sure that we weren't going to get 2.5 when Void said so on another thread. I was tricked gg Also im hyped just for the ERP revamp and UI revamp
  7. Imagine getting full party and still canceling
  8. It would be nice if they gave me a warning BEFORE Alterasia Type-H does Storm Blade and not WHILE it is doing it.
  9. STOP! YOU VIOLATED THE LAW! Anyways, welcome to Void.
  10. I will miss you stranger Good bye
  11. Well this took a dark turn Good bye
  12. Same boat as you. I get nothing out of this update
  13. I want them to be here already or at least an event to keep us entertained. Not gonna lie, I only go online for like 40 minutes and then leave because of the lack of content
  14. I doubt it. For starters, the 1st line came out in December (NA) and the 2nd line came out in February. That gave Void enough time to work on bringing them here until the 3rd line came out. My prediction is end of March or at least the starters of April
  15. This is why we do solo. Nobody is a dick and no salt