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  1. I'm okay with RNG. If they added more stuff that would be cool because as someone who doesn't care for pet stuff, medals, expansions, or costumes this events burned me out really quick. Maybe if they added stuff like -ERP items -Tears or heroics -Titles And remove stuff like the resurrection stone cubes
  2. As long as we don't go for the guild pack im good
  3. This was me during the Laby release and sometimes when I play with Eves. Being able to clear with energy needles just makes me mad
  4. Hate them too They won't bother especially if they can one shot.
  5. I always kick players who are slow or lagging
  6. With the current event it 100% should take you less than a day
  7. This guide can help you. It revolves around socketing, accessories, costumes, erp and end game gear.
  8. Azur


    Imagine getting shitted on by Laby so much that you have to go to the forums to ask for a nerf.
  9. There is an extension in Chrome (even Firefox) that makes every site dark theme'd but we cant speak of it here (i think)
  10. Hello and welcome
  11. wtf are you on about? Everyone is getting 2x pouches in Varnimyr only
  12. S/O to those players who don't know wtf a water orb is. We coulda cut the dungeon by 30s to 1min but you decided to brute force your way through the boss
  13. -Remove the speed effect and pass it to the guy who can use portals or the gunner. Or just remove it permanently. Seeing a walking tank out speeding FP or Centurion is ridiculous Also someone do something about Centurion's passives. Four are related to siege shelling which doesn't matter in PVE when the point is to skill your way through every dungeon. The other is connected to commander's mark and again it doesn't matter for the reason above. Just balance the PVE and PVP
  14. They should seriously revamp Luto because the people who cancel either 1. Leave the dungeon and causes the dungeon to glitch which prevents you from going to the next room 2. Clear the whole dungeon before the voting is done In the future it should freeze everyone until the voting is done. Also a yes to opening every SD