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  1. (credit meme: rana) Ghost of Past is really Ghost of past now. I'm just here for shitposting
  2. Ign: Yandere team: Ignia
  3. Understandable, have a gud day
  4. Holru

    Raid accessories

    I mean, it makes some sort of sense in case you spamming raid on many alt and oone of your alt dropped access, andd you can bankshare the cube and use it on main instead of wasted in on alt you just use too spam raid or not intent want to fund that alt char etc. Cuz trust me, all of my raid access dropped on all my alt and never on my main
  5. Holru

    Raid accessories

    The cube is bankshareable until you open it and get the access, then the access with stick with the char you open it. Just like weap
  6. Preferred Name: Hol IGN: Chocolate Main/Alt?: Alt Old/Current Guild (If you have one): [Renewal] I'm not kpop fan so, I'll pass kpop related question
  7. guess I can save ed for this month then
  8. Char name KoG need nerf on doing stupid balance based on community whining on char that already broken
  9. he meant make the reverse version of it which is exchange to access to flame crystal
  10. All useless tears in gaybaki wtf is 4 tears only while i have SS rate
  11. You know the suggestion just suggest that adding extra cosmetic thing like for example like other OP ass access like 3 Halloweens leg access, you also have nerfed version of it in case people like to have it in MW, also the 3 Topiary of Faith, Topiary of Growth, Topiary of Transformation also have statless version of it for dressup purpose. Yes, it is official thing, but doesn't meant void can't add one. The whole main point here is to make a statless version of them for dress up purpose, I see no reasons to against it because it is statless. >you gotta work for it one way or another Like mentioned, not everyone are able to do raid, they might having in game issue or irl issue that they couldn't join raid, another thing is finding party. Your argument is pretty invalid because not only other issues i listed above but also depend on rng drop, and you only have once chance per week (or 2 if you have ticket) for the access drop, and the rng for it is already bad. Also work for it you said, the topic just asking is it possible to do statless version of the raid accessories, but didn't imply way to get it. If void can do this, they might can add this into event stuff like halloween leg access in halloween event, or summer event. And by that can satisfy your argument "work for it"