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  1. LeiShi

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    he meant make the reverse version of it which is exchange to access to flame crystal
  2. LeiShi

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    All useless tears in gaybaki wtf is 4 tears only while i have SS rate
  3. LeiShi

    Statless Raid Accessories

    You know the suggestion just suggest that adding extra cosmetic thing like for example like other OP ass access like 3 Halloweens leg access, you also have nerfed version of it in case people like to have it in MW, also the 3 Topiary of Faith, Topiary of Growth, Topiary of Transformation also have statless version of it for dressup purpose. Yes, it is official thing, but doesn't meant void can't add one. The whole main point here is to make a statless version of them for dress up purpose, I see no reasons to against it because it is statless. >you gotta work for it one way or another Like mentioned, not everyone are able to do raid, they might having in game issue or irl issue that they couldn't join raid, another thing is finding party. Your argument is pretty invalid because not only other issues i listed above but also depend on rng drop, and you only have once chance per week (or 2 if you have ticket) for the access drop, and the rng for it is already bad. Also work for it you said, the topic just asking is it possible to do statless version of the raid accessories, but didn't imply way to get it. If void can do this, they might can add this into event stuff like halloween leg access in halloween event, or summer event. And by that can satisfy your argument "work for it"
  4. LeiShi

    people are hacking drabeki

    I did have 52 sec run lmao, and it was legit run
  5. LeiShi

    LF> Raid guild and pve

    Like title _(;3
  6. Depend tbh, if the seller actually take the hangers price in consider and discount the actual set's price. Sure you don't want to pay 2b for IB and have to provide hanger that make up 2.5b when you can get full set with no need to provide hanger with same price or maybe cheaper
  7. ton of bugs and void accident missing the code and get every accounts banned
  8. LeiShi


    add eternal wedding too _(;3
  9. LeiShi

    What's your ERP level?

    no nom option, add it and we can talk
  10. LeiShi

    Naeun Improvement

    +1 cuz should change Naeun exchange because it is old asf now and the exchange will support player base more
  11. LeiShi

    [8/31/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Didn't work for me either, it stucking in download loop and mapping problem
  12. LeiShi

    [8/31/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Can I ask for Add and Ain, Aisha new EP recolor look like?
  13. LeiShi

    Who could be holding all the ED?

    my ed is literally negative because I owe someone
  14. LeiShi

    《 Happy ED Wipe Anniversary 》

    Yay, now where is my free ED?
  15. LeiShi

    <SolarSparks> Guild Recruitment Thread!~

    Name/Nickname: Hol Favorite Character/Class: BL/ DBr IGN: snip About Yourself (Optional): I have burning addiction *showing my 6-7 pages full of glove and shoes pulls* Discord (Optional): Moè#3459Important question...Milk and Cookies or Candy and Soda? '^': Cookies, but i prefer ice cream :U /