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  1. Why is in PvP official nobody? It's really sad. :/

    -snip- my dude rite here ^ been in queue for a week n a half now and no one does anything about it :^)
  2. hi.

    is this that one guys brother.. the add addict
  3. Why do we still play this game??

    I have no other games to play atm besides Overwatch tho i'm trying to get into PSO2 and closers once my bae comes out
  4. What do you think about this game now ?

    hopefully tina will get me away from this garbage game
  5. poll for adding perm fetch aura

    nope again
  6. Official VoidEls Tier List (Tourney/Sparring)

    cough cbs
  7. Le Poof

    im sorry mom
  8. Permanent Fetch aura in void beginner cube

    You get 3 pets from capping (including the poru they give for a story quest) which is 3weeks free aura.. if you don't make 25m by then to buy one idk what to tell you -1
  9. Le Poof

    im sorry my little borther hacked my account im not like that
  10. Le Poof

    why u playin hard to get
  11. Le Poof

    okay then what do you prefer m'lady
  12. Le Poof

    why no? i just wanna get to know ya
  13. just report them or they will never get banned kappa
  14. Le Poof

    what up sexy