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  1. Ooooo That's Lovely! Yesyes Accepted! Sorry for being late since i was asleep! I'll try and get in contact with you and add you~
  2. Awwwwhhhh yann darlinnggggg.. you've sold it successfully?- Darlingggg oml Im gunna miss seeing you around! I didnt see you much but i really hope all goes well for you in the future! I wish i could of played with you if u were alone- you cant enjoy the game alone! But you've had a long run and i really hope you enjoyed your journey~ The future is uncertain so i hope to see you around! See you later my dear xoxo All the best!!
  3. Voidels always easier~ You've come to the right place~ Welcome to your new home I hope you enjoy the paths and characters and have a lovely time here! Welcome welcome indeed! Let us know if you need anything! A Helping Hand? A Coffee? WE GOT IT ALL!!~ *silent sip* Enjoy your stay- Cuz There's no turning back now- mwahaha
  4. Ooooo Then alot ought change for you- 2015... Hmmmm.... 2016....17....18... BRUH WE'RE IN 2019!!! OML ASKJFFKJASKJFAS GOSH! I really hope you enjoy your new journey in Voidels!! Alot has changed! Make sure you check out the guides section, try 3rd jobs- Uhhhmmm Try the new regions! New characters! AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS! And lastly Have a lovely time deary!
  5. Ooooo nahhhh dw bout font~ its lovely font pfffttt- Absolutely Accepted dear! Are you able to wait or be online in 20-30mins? Im almost finished work and i'll add you when im done XD
  6. Is it time for bump?. Yes. Yes it is~ #SantPostsTheirCat Normal people: AWWWWW CUTE~ The Dipshits:
  7. Marisia


    Welcome back deary!! I hope you find yourself a nice guild and meet lovely new friends! Feel free to hit me up if you'd like a friend to chat to! Otherwise- Enjoy the game again!!
  8. Aaaaaaaaa I HOPE IM NOT TOO LATE! Welcome welcome sweetie!! God that colour is brigther than my future And i'd think my future is pretty bright- Jkjk- Welcome back to the game!! I really hope you enjoy maining him and i hope the guides on ain around forums can give you a good start!! Otherwise, Enjoy the game and find yourself a nice guild and have a lovely new adventure!! <33
  9. Mari Bump for this Lovely guild! 100% Mari recommends this cute family that are so kind and hostile HUMBLE to everyone and love to help whenever they can! <3 EDIT: OH MY GOD I MEANT HUMBLE!!! I THINK!?! IM QUESTIONING MYSELF NOW- > is running on 3 hrs of sleep.
  10. WHOA I DIDNT EXPECT MORE DEARIES!!! AND OMG YA BOTH APPLY AT SAME TIME LOOOOL OML YAYY!! OOOO We'd love a good CeT onboard!! Absolutely Accepted! I'm so glad you choose us!! I'll invite you now if your online!! > Mindlessly dungeon. Why is that like- half of my members in a sentence? THAT'S PERFECTO! Accepted too! I'm sure dipshits will absolutely love you! I'll add you aswell if your online currently!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darling please don't defame. That's going against void rules and You know we did no such thing. Nobody kicked you and you left... Why lie?.. You know the full situation.. We'd never kick you when you did nothing wrong - - I don't understand what i said that made you upset and I'm sorry you had a bad experience- Was i being rude?... You can PM me your concerns, But know I just wanted help. Your welcome back if you'd like- But it seems you wouldn't want to... This seems to be a huge misunderstanding tho... My Apologies for the issues tho. And I'll wish you best of luck in your next guild tho
  12. Marisia

    Looking for guild.

    Your welcome to check out my guild called the [AbsoluteDipshits]!!! We're weird. Chill. random. and extra asf and memey and actual dipshits which is a compliment~ XD We're pretty welcoming and friendly cuz we love new people and if you ever need help- Then Never be afraid to ask someone! We're pretty PvE/Social based but we can be pretty lazy when it comes to the game but we'll be there to help if you ever want to do any grinding! We're mostly idiots on discord if your looking for some friendly friends!! You can check out our thread here if your interested!! And i really hope you find something for yourself deary!!
  13. ACCEPTED! I'll try log on and snatch u immediately if your online dear? afksJKJFSFASKJ IM SOOO EXCITTEEDDD!! LETS NOT BE FRIENDS- LETS BE FAMILY!
  14. Couldn't agree more~ Your free to anytime dear if you wish to still apply XD We accept alts too!!~ But for now, I guess ill see u in acuity~ mwahahah ily
  15. You don't have to be lonely with us~ I'm the Mother of the [AbsoluteDipshits] Guild~ I hope i can promote for u- asjfkkjafs Honestly. The best advice i can give you and what i give to all members, Is to chat with us and get the others to know you so you won't be alone~ We want to get to know u too! We're pretty welcoming and talkactive idiots on discord and if you ever need help in game, We have channels and people willing to play with you! So your free to check us out on our thread here and i'd honestly love to have you dear! Nobody should have to feel lonely xoxo