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  1. Marisia

    looking for guild !

    You can always look at the many different threads in the Guilds section and i'm sure you'll find something to fit you~ You can certainly never know until you try :D It certainly can be have to socialize at first but once you meet new people and get to know them, then it'll be easier~ AND LOL- Well it's more like help posting! It's okay! Your seriously doing your best, Don't be afraid to ask or post anything in forums if you need it~ With that said, I can offer you my guild aswell, My guild is the [AbsoluteDipshits] - We are currently a small growing and really lively guild mostly! We can be a bit crazy which can freak some people out but we're seriously as welcoming and fun just by being ourselves~ We're mostly lively and dipshits on our discord and we can be lazy ingame but we're there if you ever need~ We're mostly pve social guild but you don't have to feel left out if you do spar from time to time~ Your free to do what you love to do!~ Maybe ill join u in those spar runs LOOOOOL But Otherwise, I really wish you best of luck with any guild you choose and good luck on your choice! and sure you'll be absolutely fine with anything you choose! You seem to be very sweet and just want friends to play with~ I certainly relate to that- And I really hope you find it! xoxo So Take care of yourself dear~
  2. Mama was played.... You win this round Dear... I'll get chu next time...
  3. 2 of my children spent 10 hours in a vc listening to 10 hours of jeopardy theme... i even made a spescal vc channel for them. ... Before anyone asks. I THINK they are OK- ................. ......WHEEEEZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-
  4. There will always be active guilds, fun people, great people. you just gotta find what fits you~ Not every guild is perfect but most strive to their goals and to essentially help each and every member they get~ With that said, I'll offer up my childish guild the [AbsoluteDipshits] If you'd like to check it out. We're chill, we're silly, and we're dipshits. We were closed off but we're a lil more public but we're still a smol family if your looking for a close knit family guild~ But there's so many different choices out there and many great places~ I really wish you best of luck on your return~ I hope you enjoy playing the game again!! Thank you~
  5. Took me awhile to think of something to bump this- but i think i got it!!! Lets have some quality comedy as our quality bumps~ So CHEERS! TO MARI'S FIRST GUILD THREAD BUMP! aaaaaaand a quality dipshit moment of our admins~ :PEPERUN:
  6. The struggles of getting a main, no lonely no more! We wont bore you hopefully + i hope that doesnt mean guild hopping- :christpepe: Anyway- Accepted you two!!! Are you online? I'll pick you up momentarily!!
  7. Oh Bless (i was worried i wrote too much) asfjkfsakjkjafs And Your Welcome! It was fun to write so don't worry! As long as it helps!! and asfjkfasjkkjasf Thank you so much!! Best of luck on the rest of your journey! You'll love it all! So have fun!!
  8. Well just so you get a decent idea, you can look through past updates~ But to make it easier, I'll do some main points for you!!~ plsbarewithmeASJKfjksjfaasf Incoming Lotsa text on Updates!~ This is the current update 2.5: Main notes: We got Laby > Eternity and Radiant > But no Nisha (No 3rd job laby yet, comes in 2.6) New El resonance revamp > (dunno if u even know bout that lol, might needa read on it) New UI > More Character Slots (if u can pay for em) Guild revamp > Customize ur guild with skins, new skills, etc Void 2.4: Main notes: We got Varminyr Region > Challenging dungeons with demon realm debuff + 3 Rosso Raids (Theres a discord for this if u get the CP=Combat Power to do them!) New force skills For characters > Just get a mod book and trade at camilla (Theres a guide that tells you which ones are good to get or not in this forum) Here we also gained Drabaki + Another Guild update~ Void 2.3: NOW HERE'S THE REAL WINNER THAT YOU'VE MISSED OUT ON! Main notes: Something that ought be new to you and fun > CHARACTERS HAVE 3RD JOBS!~ YAY!!!! + Some starter cubes motifications and training room revamps etc + Void Heroic customs (god i luv this) Alternatively: There was a void video contest to make a trailer for 2.3 Trinity, Not to brag or anything but i won that contest and your free to watch my trailer for the update to understand it better in the spoiler below!!~ Hopefully it gives a decent understanding of how cool the new stuff is and how far Elsword has come~! Void V2.2: Main notes: Elrianode Region Better enhancement rates Magic Wardrobe (you can search guides on YT on how to use this, was confusing for me at first) Achievement system + profession system ye das rlly it.. Void 2.0: This was a HUGE Update in the past, Great job void for bringing this out! Main notes: Level cap become 99 !!! Got Transcendence System (Free ofc) New character Ain + Some Luciel classes + Some other stuff Anddddd i think thats far enough back- I dont know how much you know but thats all ill post really so you feel more up to date!~ I really hope it helps! I think each update has pvp balance patchs too if u plan to take that up again ofc!~ But otherwise i rlly hope it all goes well for you and would love to seeya around!! Thankies! <3
  9. Omg Welcome back dear!! 2013- Thats when i joined NA LOOOOOOOOOO Im so glad you stumbled upon void again! don't worry! It's ok! Void is much easier ofc so hopefully you don't have to P2W, Im certiainly not a P2W player~ Its just alot of RNG and grinding currently but we have server buffs atm so i hope you can make full use of that! And it's ok to be like that! Most of us aren't too great in the social side but we get along one way or another~ Don't be afraid XD I can be your friend if you'd like! If you'd like to make other friends, since you said you have discord, I'd like to suggest to you our Voidels official Discord channels! If you haven't joined them alrdy~ It just requires your forum profile to join~ And hey!- Maybe you can make friends there! you can also find parties there and ask for help if you need~ and i hope itll be useful for you! But otherwise i wish you the bestest of luck in your journey!
  10. Wow that's very old! Oml~ Welcome back indeed! Goddess you've missed alot dear! I'm not very good on the pvp scene but i wish you best of luck with how it currently is! I think you'll love it! Thank you so much for returning and i really hope to see you around dear! Get that best rank again!! RECLAIM UR TITLES! YOU GOT IT!! AND REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!
  11. Res pls! Yay relaxing!~
  12. You have to be very patient for your appeal darling~ if you are innocent, it will be looked into, my friends appeals took 3-4 weeks be4 they got a reply~ But I really wish you best of luck if chu do leave deary, Apologies things didn't work out better for you~ If you truly did have a great time here then don't give up! Still keep some hope~ My advice to you would be to Please make sure you still check up on it daily OR EVEN WEEKLY~ even if you do actually leave for now~ Who knows, you might get it back! But otherwise I wish chu best of luck for whatever you do next
  13. DENSSSS!! Absolutely! Accepted deary! I'll add you if you are currently online!!
  14. Apologies for being late! Accepted!! I'll get in contact with you shortly to join!~