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  1. Dear my Lovely Followers or Vistors on Void Forums who read this~

    While i don't mean to cause any concern. I am here with an Important Messenge.

    I will be taking a break from forums for at least a week.

    ...Due to Neglect of Health and Extreme Stress. I uhm-

    Wait lemme start from the start.


    So Last night. I was singing and having a merry time by myself~ 
    Suddenly i felt this really sharp pain in my chest and i couldn't breathe for a few minutes
    I felt ok after lying down and eating a bit and i was consulting alot of people on discord getting panicky and wondering what was wrong with me and i probably ended up concerning alot of people... Definetly Not my intention...

    The pain eventually went away that night and when i woke up this morning. I still had the mild pain and my mother decided then and there that she was going to take me to hospital.

    After 5 hours of testing and waiting. They came to the conclusion it was possibly a stress panic attack. So the types of stress i have been dealing with lately includes but is not limited to: Working 3 real life jobs, Discord Modding hate and stress for Voidels, Salty people who stress me out altogether, Taking people too seriously on games and getting hurt, beating myself up with hate, and just general wanting to be better so i overwork myself and burn myself out.

    I realised all these things. But ignored them because i was used to the pain. Someone once told me that I'm too sweet for this server. And that may be true but there's alot of people i want to be there for... still. despite all the hurt, I was always a tryhard so i just pushed through the pain and went with the flow and stayed positive with a better attitude each time.
    But i feel i've been less able to cope that way....
    But that hopefully changes now with this break. While i don't know what to do without my computer life, I'll return as someone better.

    Either way- I hope you all could read and understand this WALL OF TEXT~! Apologies~
    And I hope i can have a nice break and return to you all as the Bubbly Marisia you all know and love~

    I'm going to miss you guys~ But i'll return when i feel better.


    Farewell for nows xoxo Ily

  2. Certainly LF> My Daybreaker buff. It srsly needs it's NF speed buff. I joke about it sometimes calling her a snail elf when in reality it's made me quiet sad and hated that i've almost quitted my own favourite Rena. but there's not much that can be done which i understand~ i know there's others and it's hard to please everybody Otherwise. I've heard add needs buff and Fatal Phantom srsly needs nerf sjfssfjsfj
  3. Marisia


    BTS Army ywaayyy!! Hi dear and Welcome back i guess!! There's plenty of nice people if you look around or they'll come to you~ But otherwise i really hope you enjoy your time here and Thank you for coming back! Have fun out there!!
  4. Well Welcome back dear! I really hope you have a lovely time back!!! Thank you for returning and take care of yourself!! And Happy early birthday!!
  5. Marisia

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Oh no me too! After actully get flame marks for the first time the other week and trying on the accessories. I absolutely love this! I'm in with the server craze! Just hope that no ones trolling enough to buy a statless version of the accessories for a good 10000 Billion thinking its real
  6. Marisia

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Well i'll tell you one thing for sure... The Raid server is going Nuts for this!
  7. Marisia

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    That mount looks so majestic asf! Thank you for this update! Can't wait for treasure chest But dam. a witchs broom mount i saw in a KR video tho from awhile ago. I think that's my fav mount that i didn't know existed and still don't know if it will exist here that i'm waiting for! XD I need that in void someday! AJFKAJKSjksaFsa
  8. Marisia

    Hello Void O:

    Oooo~ Welcome to void my dear~~!! And from the replies i sorta read, Personally- Whether a character is a good pick or not. Pick what you like to play! They are all great choices! Just play for yourself, Have fun with others and Most importantly!- Enjoy what you play! and i really hope you find a great guild and make good friends~! Bless! xoxo Have a lovely time in Forums and In game! And Don't take salt too seriously~ Stay safeu~
  9. Marisia


    Wow~ Older than me. But tbh, everyone has played older than Mari XD Congrats for playing for so long more or less! And Welcome back to Void and Void Forums! And i really hope you have a lovely time and get strongu~!
  10. Just doing an update~ Changed my siggy song again! I hope this song appeals to some.
    I really like this song alot, and It's very inspiring to me and i hope it's inspiring to others and i don't expect much to come out of it since it's not like a small song can really change some people~ You need more than that to motivate people but I'd certainly be happy enough knowing that people would listen to it at least once and know that it can be inspiring and uplifting to others too!

    One day i'll make songs like this~ For those in the Mari Singing Server, Stay tuned! *15 yrs later*

    Anyway! Check it out if you have time! B What U Wanna B guys~
    Like i always say- Follow your dreams! And even if they take you no where, It's not the end of the world~ 


    ~ Marisia :renaCute:

  11. Marisia

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Askddggisdgkdjg Thank you so much for the Win!!! Best of luck to everyone this week! This theme looks fun!!! Dress to impress dears!! I'll be checking them out! Edit: These look so good! !! asjfasfkjas I'm so jealous OT: Welcome back aswell Xera!! asjkaskjas
  12. Marisia

    Its me. But who am I?

    That was lovely~ Welcome either way!! I'm sure you'll fit in great! Thank you so much for coming to Void and Voidforums~ And i hope you have a lovely time around!
  13. Marisia

    Hi! ~ Just checking things out

    Hi dear~ Welcome back~ Mari is going well if your asking!! It's good to see your considering returning~ Personally, I don't think it hurts to give the game a chance again and see the new content! :D And well. It is around christmas time~ Everyone's expecting something big for the end of the year so it would be nice to return to that grind But it's ultimately your choice. Archangel seems to have summed it up for you. There's also VoidElsword discord servers so you don't feel alone and those are nice to chat around and have some fun hopefully because no one wants to return to a game alone XD But otherwise i hope you have fun! Thanks for checking on us!! Best of luck out there xoxo!
  14. Marisia


    Welcome back my dear! 2015 oof. I really hope you like how much void has evolved then! It's evolved more than my Magikarp! and thats saying something~ Have a lovely time in game!
  15. Marisia

    Hihi, Void~!

    Hellooo!!! Welcome dear!! Three days?!!? My Goodness! It's great to see you post then! Grats! I really hope you have a lovely time on forums and in game!! xoxo Be careful for the salty ones here~