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  1. IM LATE ASF BUT WEBA DEARY!!! GOD THAT'S AN OLD MARRAIGE! My own marriage only reccently hit 1000+days There's alottt changed if chu still at lvl 90! I'd suggest making a new character and experiencing it all over again! While still keeping your main ofc But We had another revamp of the level up cube so you might like the goodies they give in that! Gosh you ought be so far behind so idk what to tell you- But i really hope you can navigate your way around all the changes and i really hope you enjoy coming back again! Best of luck on your journey again my friendu!!
  2. Hiii Hiii Alte! And That's ok~ Take things at your own pace and it's ok to keep to yourself xo Nobody will judge or push you for it~ I just hope your not alone tho~ Some people like to be alone but I find it much nicer to play with friends~ With that said, If you ever need a friend. Feel free to msg me! Otherwise i really hope you enjoy your journey and thank chu for coming to voidels!!
  3. Hello Callie!! That's such a cute name! I really hope you have a lovely time in void dear and Enjoy the Journey!!
  4. Oh u thought i was ded and forgot bout this? Heck nah! Time for another dipshittery Mari bump~ Here's some dipshittery that went down on my birthday for starters~ > And Here's some other dipshittery i love~ We are very much still active idiots. Helpus :))
  5. Me: OKIMSORRYITWASAGOODOPPORTUNITY! Lemme know when +11 amulets sell on board :))
  6. This deserves a Mwari Foj Bump if that's ok! LETSSSAAA GOOO!!
  7. WAIT WHAT- BABY NO U CAN'T GO!!! I LOVE YOU!!- Does that mean chu don't want your gfx order?.... :((( I know im lazy and busy but i finally got to working on it- i really wanted to do it for u- and ull be surprised to know that i planned on using the actual gif you provided and hoped that can be made into a sig. Honestly- Almost anything can be made into one~ I just have alot of competition on making it decent :blobcoy: But no srsly- It took me awhile to read all that and now i know that u like N O O D L E S~ OM NOMNOMNOM The more you know~ -insert gay rainbow- But no i can't believe chu saying goodbye- :(( I'm losing alot of friends today aren't i- im so lonely... me quit when? I still nvr got to ask chu how2BL :( Im just starting to use my BL too... hhhhhhhhhhgggg this sucksss I love chu so much gesu chan... i hope i can still see u around discord and still duo with u at times- i dun want chu leaving raid server or something- idk what u doing. I DUN WANT CHU TO GOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA But thank chu for being around and i hope i still see u around cuz i luv chu so much and pls take care of urself i wish i got to know u better i luv ur edgyness and u best anti socialist and idk- WE NEEDA SING TOGETHER MOREEE ILYYYSM FOR THE FUTURE BABBBYYYY!!! <33
  8. I really didn't want to see the day when you would leave deary... You are around alot and i really liked that~ No matter what people said about you, Even if you were fake, Your kindness and helpfulness around forums was Real. It was very reassuring and calming~ and you got involved with the community alot when you had the chances to back away. The community probably rejected you alot at one point but you still sticked around. And you were probably noticed everywhere with your beautifully made profile of pink, purple and white~ <33 You have been extremely brave and extremely helpful to help and wish everyone luck even if it can look like post farming- I always felt that i knew and understood your genuine and real feelings to do the best you could tho for everyone tho~ Cuz that's what i try to do~ You've worked extremely hard~ You've Ran a Guild, A Youtube Channel, TECHNICALLY ALOT OF FORUMS! So Give yourself a huge pat on the back ~ And Thank you so much for being in Void dear~ I really hope you have better luck on the journey ahead of you~ You deserve much better xo I love you so much~ Let's always be friends <33 Thank chu again to @Miie for drawing this! I appreciate ur hard work so much!! asjkffkjsa
  10. Alrite Let's go- This might be long but i'll do ma best~ Gunna be Honest asf. Lovely topic~ What made you choose your guild? I choose to make a guild because i joined void with my late husband (now ex) and i always wanted to be GM and just have it with us where we'd be in charge and always in contact, It grew and changed a lot and we were idiots in a private asf guild that came across some chill people sometimes that we slowly added to the guild and made our children, So i wanted to become more of a mother and take care of my 7 sons and 3 daughters + be lovey dovey with my honey~ I always wanted it to grow though and make it public since late last year, And then my hubby broke up with me the start of this year which i 100% expected and accepted because of me... And i choose it to be a public place for my children that still stayed who deserved better and i wanted them to have more friends and be happy in a more active and happy community, and i was going to do everything to be the best mother for them. What do you expect from a guild? At first, I expected it to be just me and my hubby + our few children in our small private home forever. We were expressive, free and complete idiots like me~ (And that's a compliment~) Me and my hubby had some really fun times and we were really stupid where we'd just talk in all chat, have random cups of tea, we'd make our own fun games and i wanted the kids/members to experience that too and have fun aswell~ As of now, It's more open but we're still strict to who we have more or less. I expect it to continue to be a happy positive place for others while at the same time being a place you can be comfortable in and express yourself, so even if yourself is actually struggling, i'd want you to be honest and open up so i can help as well, i wouldn't force you to be positive all the time if you can't~ I expect members to talk to me if they are seriously struggling and i want them to come to me without fearing me for being famous or being a GM or being busy. Nobody ever bothers me so don't think that you will~ and i expect you to enjoy yourself! :) How often do you run guild expedition? I like to run it whenever i can/if i can ever get the time to go online, I don't really push people for it because i just consider it as another fun challenge and i did suggest people to do it just for fun and as a challenge~ I try to make it into something fun instead of making it into somewhat of a responsibility or chore. We're not especially desperate for guild coins but they are nice, we do things at our own pace and it's awesome if people continue to do it just to contribute and help still~ What are your favorite guild passives? How do you like your guild's community? If i had to say- I'd honestly love it alot, But It's not completely ideal to how i wanted ofc. With The bigger it gets, The less it feels like that small happy home i once had, But it's not getting worse with the bigger it gets, But it's not getting better either. That's not a bad thing tho~ This all depends on the people that are brought into it and from how i manage it and organize it. It grows and changes constantly. But my guilds community is full of fun, It's not extremely serious, There are flaws in it ofc such as it being a place where there can be alot of messy joking around so you can't be too sensitive or take stuff too seriously or you could get hurt... It's not completely drama free, it's stressful when it is, then we don't avoid drama but it can be hidden behind the scenes to not ruin the general mood of the guild. I can't force people to like each other, That's up to them. There's sometimes misunderstandings and I try to clear all that up. Things can get messy, But I'm lucky that we don't gossip, backslash, teas- uhhh- ok maybe we tease each other but it's joke tease- hehehe- But Srsly. Overall, It's the absolutely best community ever to me, It's very wholesome, Loving, And free~ and Drama barely never happens, In the 5 months we've been public, We've still only ever had 1 report of just a mute that happened due to a mini blowout. The chat is almost ALWAYS ACTIVE, I'd think i'm pretty lucky to have all that~ And it's the happiest place on discord and in game that i can ever be in~ It's just a shame that the GM can barely even be in it due to her work~ But They deserve the world tho~
  11. Oh mai gosh- much new babies- ALL ACCEPTED OF COURSE! And my apologies but im working half the day away sadly on my own birthday and ill let my admins know but i think they'd be busy~ But i can try add you all in like- 8-10 hours or when i catch u online. Ill probably pm you seperately so my apologies for that but i will try get to you asap xo maybeicantrylogonnowbutdoubt-
  12. Well it's never too late to say hello! Don't worry- We're all troublesome wrecks! AND THAT'S A COMPLIMENT! No need to be afraid~ Welcome to forums deary! I'm Mari! And i really hope you stick around forums more! Thank you for coming out to us!! Please take care of yourself! <3
  13. Hello! Welcome welcome to forums then deary!! I'd think you got your answer but I'd say Ara can be a bit expensive since she has such great outfits! Luciel can be cheap because you only need to buy stats for one but can be expensive if you want to dress up the other~ And I'm think Aisha's prices are neutral ish? asfjkfaskj I only really play Rena and Elboy so i can kind of say that much after playing here for years myself! I look forward to seeing you around! Let me know if you ever need a friend and omg i'd love to see your art shop when you decide to make one! We always love art here! And Thank you again for coming to void and have a lovely stay!!
  14. Aaaaa It's never too late to make an intro dear! But i may be late on welcoming- asfkjkfjsa Hello Nano! I really hope you'll have a better time here, That sounds utterly horrible... I had a pretty bad experience on NA too but i only had a really creeper stalker guy i was married to in game.. It's good to see you still like Elsword tho and i hope to see your character around sometime! Otherwise, Please have a good experience here and take care of yourself!
  15. Oh i always hear the great comments about these wanting to be implemented~ +1 is possible ofc~! I agree with Nai that it benefits us all if they can be actually made perm, They are too pretty to pass up