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  1. +1 Completely agree, this needs to be added asap
  2. Pssst, if anyone wants eve DKA, hmu .. <3
  3. Join [Nation] we're op, and we have lot's of Ara's and Flat chests
  4. If it ever came down to it.. I would kill myself before that thing killed me..
  5. I feel as if you're joking when you say these things. this is a private server not the official.. everything here is supposed to be better... If you wanna struggle so badly and want a super long lasting game, go back to NA. *waves my handkerchief at you from over the wall*
  6. Agree'd, You shouldn't have to grind like a dog, day in and day out just for a +10. A free +10 every while or so is fine. Just because you struggled super hard to get something, doesn't mean everyone else has to.
  7. I pee'd a little, laughing at that.
  8. It's gonna be a while before this server goes up, and that's a fact .
  9. Kai nooo I still love you! </3 -LaceDoll