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  1. use google translator is easy because god does not require much things and the truth i do not think that we have to re-download the game from 0 since it would be a bit heavy for some but we pray that with this maintenance many things will be accommodated and it is only being patient and waiting that they finish everything and make everyone happy to their same routine in the game
  2. I was playing a pvp time quietly normal and I get on with this hacker in pvp which is not weird since there are several megaphones warning of this hacker and they do not do anything to respect that there is no Eta but do something please
  3. I really do not think they put the red qipao in the IM store because it would devalue a lot of the qipao itself but if they get it to put it would be good
  4. would help you with many liking but the truth I no longer encourage you to remove it since everyone is taking that title with hack then the people who are careful doing the runs for that title see it once and call it hacker and me to last More than 6 times i'm going to pvp with my asura late almost 3 weeks in getting the title and I have been charged 6 times of hacker .-. so what
  5. Welcome to void -w- enjoy the game until you can not be careful that the community as it is a little cancerous but if you go a good way you will meet people good wave and you will have affection to the game a little bit n_n)/
  6. Its never too late to go back welcome back Pinku n_n)/