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  1. pvp dead sparring rooms mostly dead.
  2. Like I dont think that the people arguing with the very first person who made this thread understand that nor did the person that made the thread but since they kept bashing his thread and stuff I was trying to defend his point but then you got all these triggered ass people with their justifications and etc.
  3. IF YOU EVEN PAYED ANY ATTENTION TO WHAT IM SAYING THIS ISNT REFERRING TO ME. Jesus before you open your mouth why dont you read. Im making a point for people that want this to be a thing and addressing your stupid lazy comment. i dont give two fucks about this in game I have what I need.
  4. going into full detail about that was not necessary in the slightest bit but whatever suits your fancy be my guest. that one tear is just a pure example of how expensive high tiers can be and to have to get that for every elrianode set over and over again on a character you want to play and etc. its a hassle. who wants to settle for less when they already have what they need.
  5. Gimme your Shoes.

    1. IveLostFaith
    2. Fateful


      Take em' off. 

  6. uh yeah it does, its not lazy to want to share a glove that has a tear that cost flippen 5billion ed and the drop rate isnt that easy to obtain.
  7. let me clarify that, not +5 enhancement like the amulet im talking about skill dmg +5 enhancement that cost 5 billion ed exactly lol the tears is what im saying
  8. That honestly has nothing to do with lazyness lol not everyone can afford to get +5 enhancement for every character we want to play

  10. its a great idea. i also just wish SOMEHOW WE COULD GET IERU EYES BACK ;(
  11. I dont know if i can ask this here but is there any way we can get Ieru eyes again please? I wasnt able to get online for it and there are like none left and I really want it for my ain.... Q...Q
  12. ugh... im lvl 2.. LOL on my eve that is and ive been looking for people for so long v. v welp welcome back <3
  13. I don't think it is besides el defense tower but you can party with me.