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  1. IGN CandyIand (capital i) entry: time to play hide and seek ♪
  2. okay, i actually don't know if someone already suggested this or if it's possible, but there are a lot of double items ー two examples are [Cobo] Red-Bean Sherbet and Red-Bean Sherbet ー which easily fill up the inventory, since they aren't stackable; these consumables have the same effectsーas they both recover 100% HP and 100% MP. this happens to other items too, like [Luriel] Heroic Invitation and Heroic Invitation, not to mention that this item has a [Normal] version too. certain items have three versions, like [Cobo] Elrianode Defense Request, [Luriel] Elrianode Defense Request and Elrianode Defense Request. the only difference is that the [Luriel] and [Cobo] versions are unsellable and untradeable, so this is my suggestion: merge all these items. by 'merging' them i mean putting them in the Naeun's Exchange section: [Cobo] Elrianode Defense Request > Elrianode Defense Request [Luriel] Elrianode Defense Request > Elrianode Defense Request [Luriel] Heroic Invitation > Heroic Invitation Heroic Invitation > Heroic Invitation [Cobo] Red-Bean Sherbet > Red-Bean Sherbet this is a lot of work, since there are surely other items that have useless versions of them. this is my first suggestion, so i want to know what you think about this, also please vote on the poll! that's all! english is not my first language but i hope i wrote in an understandable way. if you want to ask or add something regarding the suggestion, please let me know!
  3. i watch your videos and i always see you active in this forum, so this is unexpected. i'm glad you took this decision, since you should focus on your mental health - i don't know what happened about these 'rumors' but it's so sad to see an active player going away because of them. good luck on whatever you're gonna do or whatever game you're gonna play and i hope you'll leave only with the good memories you made in these 7 years!
  4. my first character was eve on NA, i played her for like 10 min until i realized that i should have downloaded the IT (now EU) server............... so my second char was an IS (yes i have a dark past AN ELBOY???) but then ara came out and she became my main until LABY
  5. Add these titles maybe? Cheerful Peace Maker Physical Attack +5%Magical Attack +5% Active Skill Damage +30% (Dungeon)Special Active Skill Damage +30% (Dungeon) Elrios Novice Adventurer Physical Attack +10% (Dungeon)Magical Attack +10% (Dungeon)Awakening Charge Speed +10% (Dungeon)10% chance of 10s Super Armor when attacked (30% Reduced Damage) (Dungeon)EXP Received +100% ED Received +100% (Dungeon) And maybe add the Sales Agent Vip Service ticket, making new characters for that thing is annoying
  6. Holy shit what a pathetic guy.
    Just go to fuck manbejself.

  7. hi chimp damme denaro