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  1. if you had never said anything I would have never done this. lol
  2. r/whooosh not falling for it? look I was fubar-ed when I typed that part and haven't thought much of it since.
  3. I haven't even been back a whole month so I had no way of knowing that. >.>
  4. A year or two ago they were much too long. Unless you're saying they haven't found an in between I think it's fine as is.
  5. Current Echo's Exchange: I've been gone a year and it seems only one thing has changed: New clothing set could include... Playboy Goatman Lonely Wolf Pets to add: baby grown-up (I don't know about the first adult one) Magic Gems could be removed from the craft section and put in exchange. I'm not sure how many people are buying the multi-colored bubble gum so I was thinking those could be added too. Unless that would be game breaking. Just some ideas I had, I figured it was better than nothing. I told you I added a pole