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  1. I've been around the forum for almost 1 years (although there are few weeks or months break in between). But I barely make any appearance, I'm just go around and read topic that created by other people. I started playing Elsword since 2016 Feb and joined void for the first time since 2017 Feb based on my first screenshot in the game folder. But I stopped Void and goes back to NA after few months in 2017 June. And returned to Void since 2018 May due to 3rd job update. And that's it, a short introduction. I don't even know why I want to type this in the first place, but since I didn't submit an introduction back then, I might as well just create this to say hi and go wonder somewhere else. Thanks for reading. Wish you have a good day~
  2. Anytime ^^, I will be online for the next 2 hours before school (ㆁᴗㆁ )
  3. IGN: Shyuvi Class: Grand Master/Empire Sword Language: English, Chinese Why I want to join: Meet some new people I guess? Idk ヾ(´︶`*)ノ♬