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  3. July 6th 1. Our forum thread is currently going through a major update on everything, from trailer to current staff. We will update as soon as we're finished with everything. 2. We also reached level 23! Much thanks to all of our guildies for working hard. May 8th 1. Updated staff section to reflect current staff changes. 2. We're reviving anime night! We have an event this Friday, the 10th. Anyone is welcome to join! 3. Updated guild quote! Credits go to Entschlossen, one of our admins! 4. Just a reminder to potential applicants: we're quite a full guild, so please be patient until your application is accepted and we'll try to invite you in ASAP. April 23rd / 26th 1. Updated staff to reflect current staff changes. 2. We reached level 22! Thanks to our guildies for working hard. 3. Changed a rule to the following. We kick 5 days automatically and 4 days if we need space. (Only applies when server is active and when we have many applicants) 4. Updated guild skills to reflect our current guild skill setup. 5. Just a reminder: We have many applications to go through on the board! Please be patient as we will try to accept you into the guild ASAP. 6. As event is now over, the old inactivity rule has been put in place. Also updated thread tor reflect this.
  4. 「 Striving for perfection. 」 We carry within ourselves the direction our lives will take. Within ourselves burn the timeless, Fateful stars. - Antal Szerb ✧・゚: * [ Fateful ] ★ Level 23 PvE Guild * :・゚✧ Fateful was founded in October 2015 as a PvE guild with a strong focus on raid. We're a friendly group of misfits that call Fateful home.  We're looking for active, fun, and talkative players who can help us achieve our goals. To promote activity, we expect you to strive for progression and become as strong as you can. Of course, we'll help too! We aren't just all about Void either, we also play Overwatch and Pokemon Showdown. You're more than welcome to join in with any of the games that we play! ★ We also accept alts! It's not uncommon for users to have multiple alts so long as they are all active. ★ Our Guild Skills: Page 1: Page 2: All rules are created by Hail and Connor. Their decisions are final. Guild Rules Don't Rock Hail's Boat Under no circumstances should any member try to cause disruption in the guild. Rebellion will not be tolerated. Be Active The inactivity limit is six days, but you can be kicked at five if we need space. If you will be gone longer, leave a message in #absent on our Discord. You will still be kicked, but you will retain your rank when we re-add you! Otherwise, we can still re-add you, but you go back to Member. Keep Drama to a Minimum If you have issues with a member in the guild (or Discord), contact an admin. Keep it out of the guild chat. Be Respectful Treat every member with respect and dignity. We all like jokes, but don't take things too far. Contribute Contribute to your new guild. This includes helping others, donating, clearing expeditions, and being active. Begging is not acceptable and the first offense will be met with Strikes (Discord) and Initiate ranking. Miscellaneous All members can invite. Guild hopping is not acceptable. After three strikes you will no longer be allowed to return. ★ Discord Rules Discord is Fateful's primary information hub. Here we host events, have more people to interact with, and share important announcements. Guests and guildies are both welcomed! Be sure to follow the rules listed below. You can join our discord [ HERE ] ! Respect all members. Including staff Do not try to incite any kind of argument or drama. Take all warnings by staff seriously. If flaming or drama persists, appropriate action will be taken. Text Channel Regulations Keep posts in their appropriate channels! Spamming images in #general-text and advertising your own server without Hail's permission is forbidden. Voice Channel Regulations Do not join voice chats just to troll or eat your microphone. Muting your microphone in general chats isn't accepted. Strike System You get a strike by breaking our Discord rules and once you hit three, you’re kicked/banned from the server. However, malicious hacking and scamming will lead to an immediate ban. The more detailed version can be found in our #rules channel, which should be read upon joining. Withdrawal Permissions and Regulations The Guild Bank is for all guildies to use. Junk will be removed. Do not take things to sell! Do not take more than you actually need! If you withdraw too much, you will be demoted to Initiate and asked to return something of equal value. Failure to follow these rules may lead to removal from the guild. Please read below what is deemed acceptable to be put into the guild chest: ★ Guild Master | Eternity ★ Have a name based on precipitation. Capture a Feebas in generations three, four, and five. Climb atop Mt. Coronet without a single Pokeball, fire type, or winter coat. Drink seven gallons of Drabaki blood. Kill Karis 850 times. Become infamous across the server. Destabilize the masses. Grow a peach tree, and pay ConnorGWYF a generous sum of 9b ED. ★ Admins | Celestials ★ Hand picked from exemplary and dedicated Officers, by the guild master, to govern and moderate the guild. Discord is required. ★ Officers | Watchers ★ Continuous contribution, activity, and effort is expected. ★ Veterans | Time-Keepers ★ Awarded for being in the guild for roughly 10 days with activity and contribution. Must be capped. Discord is not required. ★ Members | Heroes ★ Received immediately upon joining ☆ Initiates ☆ Used as a punishment. Hail ★ RaitaraForehead Supreme™“Send pics.”The man, the myth, the legend himself; Hail. He’s our forehead on the forefront. And the guild GM or something like that. The best Reinhardt to ever live, blocking over 9000 damage with his forehead alone. Also, don’t forget to blame him for everything wrong in the guild, such as your waifu’s death and the end of the entire universe.He’s responsible of taking care of any drama and making decisions in this house. ConnorGWYFCalamity Connor Von“Gimme your shoes.”Our faithful head admin. His job is to oversee other admins and take the wheel when Hail breaks his computer or is too busy chasing Eves. He runs Void on potato frames; however, he still feels the need to spar everything that moves. He's active on several games including Void, Overwatch, and Pokémon Showdown. Expect him to be moderately reliable in most forms of gaming. The exception being his trash Roadhog. ZenzonFateful's Pianist“exhales”The Secretary and Good Child of Fateful. Zen is both devoted and extremely hard working, and one of the most attentive members of our staff team. If ever you have a problem, this kind-hearted admin will be the first on the job to help anyone and everyone he can, you can be sure. He is also Fateful's talented pianist and a connoisseur of fine foods, gracing the guild with food pictures that'll get your appetite going. aSieghart ★ rSieghart ★ ElboiThe British Lass“Spinning is winning.”Sieg is one of the most well-versed players in our guild. Her knowledge of the game is well established which is shown by her skills in-game. Her knowledge doesn’t only pertain to Elsword, however. She’s known to be a Pokémon master in Showdown as well. Even though she has a loving personality she should not be taken lightly… or she will steal your bread and pastries. EwRich Man's Poor Girl“But I'm pooo00oooo0oorrr!”Soft is the greediest person you’ll meet. She once stole her boyfriend’s entire sense of self-worth and wore it on her sleeve. Press “F” to pay respects. Her avarice has led to the attainment of outlandishly high stats and fortune on Void. She’s very cute and innocent on the outside but a devil inside. Don’t be afraid of her, though, once you get to know her she doesn't bite. DiabolicThe Worst of the Best“xd”Ghost is literally a troll. He will annoy you by saying shit that makes no sense and spamming “lul xd." Overall he’s pretty chill and you can always go to him for help. For the exchange of 50b he will enlighten you with all of his knowledge. That’s a pretty good deal! He’s there to keep Soft under control but most of the time that doesn’t go very well and he suffers injuries for attempting to. Sakiow ★ Sakuwu The Memer "Sounds 3ff0rt" With his memes, knowledge, skill, and 3ff0rt, Saki has proven himself to be a valuable member of our staff. Not only is he dedicated and hard-working, but he’s also a friendly soul. He may seem like the laziest person you’ll ever meet, but in actuality he’s very committed to his work. You can ask him about anything, even for carries in raid… if he refuses, just feel free to report him to [Fateful] staff all you like :). IQ ★ GloryGod Himself“I'm gonna own all these noobs”Envy is a self-proclaimed Overwatch Grand Master. Despite finally reaching gold, he's still far from even reaching Master. This boy's nourishment is energy drinks. You can find him drinking them by the gallon while playing Overwatch for hours. Despite his odd personality, he's reasonably approachable if you bring offerings of Doritos and Mountain Dew. Envy is in love with D.Va (i-it's not a phase mom!) and his passion is only outmatched by his scouting capabilities.  EntschlossenOur Lord and Savior“Lost 13b and still no +11.”Our sauerkraut has been taught humility and duty from the Fatherland itself. Even the most determined adventurers on Void will be hard-pressed to surpass his level of dedication and effort in dungeons. Although Ent is a formidable Void player, he’s known for his lack of luck, hence why he’s spent 13b with no success at attaining his +11 Void weapon. Even so, Ent remains as the most reliable nerd Fateful has to offer. WageCode: Emergency Murder System“INHALES”Emmy has been a part of our staff for some time, even though she’s the youngest. Don’t let that fool you; her short stature and her +11 spear make Ems a force to be reckoned with despite her constant denials of being OP. She also typically gets jealous of Zen for the food pics he sends and bullies him for exhaling and making bad puns using her name. However, Emmy is very friendly, so feel free to approach her about anything! MasturbatesThe Hellion“Whatever flexes your meat, bro.”This lazy and mischievous degenerate is one of our most geared dungeoneers. He’s taken it upon himself to get his hands dirty by taking care of “cleanup duty” when our activity wanes. Most of the time, he’s playing all different kinds of games on the PC, PS4, and Nintendo consoles instead of playing Void like he should. He also likes to make fun of everybody, just because he can. Persephony ★ TisiphonyHaiku Goddess“Hi! ^^”Our beautiful guild mom who actually hasn’t changed much. She’s among the most amicable admins so feel free to whisper her anytime you see her online. By the way, this one does bite. When she’s not trying to get you to sell your soul for favors, she enjoys surfing, tacos, paradoxes, Zen, and anxiety driven sprints along the beach. RandySavageBlack Man Extraordinaire“HAIL NOBODY LIKES YOU AAAAAA”“Head Mod” Tyrone’s primary job involves moderating the chat and instructing new staff members in the ways of the nerd. His greatest passion, aside from collecting swords and hating on Hail, is flexing his grey matter in #discussion-team on Discord. The literal return of Musashi Miyamoto and yet somehow can’t play a Mario game to save his life. BottomEdge ★ ThotSSSlayerThe German Flame(r)">:LL"With the amount of devotion and help he's done for Fateful, SantaCold has worked his way up to Mod and now Admin. In addition to his ability to give great advice, he's also a devoted League SoloQ grinder which almost brought him to Diamond. However, his raging flames brought him back down to Honor 0. Despite this, he's able to carry his own weight in Dungeons and Expeditions on Void. Just watch out for his booty prowling... So, you think you have what it takes to become a nerd of Fateful? Then feel free to fill out an application form below! IGN:Main or Alt:Previous Guild:Reason for Joining Us:Preferred Time for Recruitment (Include Timezone): We're waiting to hear from you! Special Thanks! Headers, dividers, and forum logo made by Infi Current staff images and formatting by Infi and Sieg Trailer directed and edited by Zen Discord server logo by Marumi All other graphics in the trailer made by Infi Songs used for the trailer: Trattoria, Imprinting We'd also like to say thank you to the rest of [Fateful] staff! For their participation in recording for the trailer, participating in the staff banner, and giving feedback as needed.
  5. Moving to a new guild thread. Lock please @Structure @Xera @Shiryelle @Naivety @PhysicsTM
  6. I'm actually...  a blueberry pie

  7. Tisi is the best girl

  8. he didn't record and he allowed the scammer to refuse middleman intervention.
  9. I love you. 

  10.                           It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!

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  11. Just gonna post this here.
  12. You could have stayed in order to get recruited.
  13. We don't take in people lower than level 95 unless they are gonna cap within 3-5 days. If you'd still like to join us by the time you reach 95 let us know.
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      The other version did it better but you get to see blood etc in this one so meh.