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  1. well, for some reason you can't use the old cobo fluorites when using the old enhancement method in altera even though the normal old fluorites work.
  2. Is there any news from the staff about this? Like, can it be fixed? will it be fixed? or will they make a workaround? And i know the normal fluorites work and the cobo fluorites don't, what about the luriel fluorites?
  3. yep, The Lv 9 fluorite ore,the [Cobo] one and it is still bugged. I heard that the normal IM version of the fluorite works, but what about the luriel version? if the luriel one works, can you put an exchange to trade the cobo version for the luriel one?
  4. Any news on the old cobo fluorite bug? Will it be fixed? Can it be fixed?
  5. Yes, i'm sure. Someone posted it in bug report. https://www.voidels.to/forum/index.php?/topic/137412-old-enhancement-system-issue-missing-all-of-type-void-wweapon-stages/
  6. When i tried to use fluorite ore using the old enhancement on void weapon, it said "Insufficient Fluorite ore" even though i have 4 fluorite ore lv.9. Is this supposed to happen?
  7. - Agatha (Altera Village's Blacksmith) now contains the old enhancement system - Fluorites can be used via these buttons. Exchange Removals - Glave: Time-Space Challenger Coin > All > Blessed Time-Space Scroll Lv.6 - Ariel: Battle Ereda Order > All > Luriel's Fluorite Exchange Ticket - Camilla: PvP Coins > Select > Luriel's Blessed Time & Space Scrolls Lv.1 ~ Lv.9 - Camilla: PvP Coins > Select > Luriel's Fluorite Ore Lv.1 ~ Lv.9 - Camilla: Arena Salt > Select > Luriel's Fluorite Ore Lv.1 ~ Lv.9 Does this mean that: 1. if you already have the fluorite exchange ticket/ time-space scroll cube, you can still exchange it for the old fluorite/time space scroll in Ariel, but if you don't, you can't get it anymore? 2 new fluorite ore/time space scroll is now only in IM?
  8. Maybe make it a repeatable quest? 1 untradeable and not bank shareable tokens for every 10 void dungeon runs and 50 tokens for a weapon. 500 runs for a weapon seems fair to me. you will probably get one from those runs already anyway and extra copies of the weapon isn't exactly useful.
  9. my question is: did we get the 4/27 patch already? i'm playing BM and the giga drive reduces cooldown to 2 sec.
  10. Got a question. Among the Heroic Dungeon Equipment’s options, 1 out of 2 options are extractable except for the Heroic Effect graded option. Which effect is it talking about?
  11. It's just random light bulb moment ideas without much thought and i don't really follow the discussion so these ideas may not be good and might have been suggested before. First. What if every pull gives an eltrion mk2 treasure chest if we're not going to get eltrion raid? If you're lucky and get like 5 pieces per pull on average you still need to pull 720 times spending 2.5b for a legend eltrion weap/acc. If your luck is total trash and you always get 1 pieces per pull you'll need to pull 3.6k times spending 12b but if you burn that many times you're still very likely to get some good stuffs from the regular item pool so it's not that bad. And the eltrion mat and weapon is untradeable so we don't need to worry about it being another IC. If you want it then you need to burn it. Many people seems to want eltrion weap & acc so i thought it will be a good bait for them since they're guaranteed to get those weap & acc it's only a matter of how fast they'll be able to get it. if you're concerned that it would be unfair to Ain since there's no eltrion weap for Ain, maybe we can just remove the weapon from crafting. just the acc alone is already pretty good imo. Second. i think someone already suggested a fragment exhange system and that the stuffs on exchange should not be in the burner item pool. well, the stuffs on the exchange are the good stuffs like EOvD, amulets and other things. removing these things from the item pool would leave the ED burner with items no one wants, so i thought why not just shove everything to exchange and the ED burner just gives us random amount of fragments for the exchange like eltrion treasure chest mentioned above. the pros would be the same: you get a visible progress in your journey to get what you want. you'll get what you want sooner or later.
  12. can you mention the differences? Idk about SR and GF, but for EP i'm pretty sure the only thing missing is the heaven's combat buff, no? I believe that they've already said that EP doesn't work like it was supposed to and will be fixed at a later point. GF is probably one of those IBs that got revamped stats and we just haven't got the new stats yet. Just give them some time, they will fix it eventually. Unless they specifically said that it can't be done or that it was intentional nerf, which i believe isn't the case.
  13. So, i just saw this accessory on board [character name]'s tranformation tool face accessory (top) 4% magical attack power 4% physical attack power 1% magical defensepower 1% physical defensepower anyone know how to get one of these? and can you use other char's tranformation tool? like, if i'm using eve, can i equip chung's transformation tool?
  14. what method do you think is the best to get a +10? a. get a +7 amulet and a blacksmith and hope you get a +3 b. get a +8 amulet and a blacksmith and hope you get a +2 c. use fluorite and mithril crystal on +9 eq with blacksmith