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  1. ty, it's kind of a shame that the ED shop is not available in void since there chara slots expations there, welp it is what it is...
  2. "Max character slots increased from 26 to 42" Does this mean everyone has 42 slot now or that it can be expanded to 42 using the IM item? if it's the latter, do who get any free space to try laby?
  3. yay~ time to die waiting for the maint to be over and then download the whole thing again at 0000000.1bit
  4. -1 This would most likely end up being a waste time. If the staff would spend just a few minutes per day here in the forums they would know what they community wants/thinks. Heck, they could even start threads themeselves asking for feedback for whatever topic they're interested in.
  5. This is probably the weakest ED burner rotation i've seen. They're also running dry on costumes after 6 rotations, i guess this gimmick isn't gonna live for too long.
  6. Tbh, i hate having to waste crafting materials on medal of greed when it doesn't even make any difference, it's a fucking waste of time for me when i can only play for about 2-3 hours per day.
  7. I think this was everyone's reaction to that initial winter core craft.
  8. how about you read what the thread creator actually wrote, lmao.
  9. i crafted the +10, but i forgot that i locked my weapon out of boredom. and it still has 45 days to go, i wanna fucking die
  10. thank you, guess i'll get the +10 then @BaraLoverâ„¢
  11. would an elite head hunter really improve your performance that much? i'm wondering if i should just get that instead of the +10... also would it be possible to use the force extractor to share it between chars?
  12. Agree, 11-2 seems like the best place to farm shard so far. Getting 3-5 quite often and 0-2 every now and then. Other dngs tho feel like a complete waste of time, unless you actually farming something else like exp at debrian or energy shard and frost shard aren't your top priority
  13. Honestly, next time just send me a +10 4D weap non tradaeble and unable to dismantle, less trouble and people can't abuse the event reward with multi accounts. Heck, they could even send a +10 void weap with no stages and that would've given a reason for people to work on something and no event abuse either. tho, the later would probably piss off a shit tone of people, like my guild master who had to do those dam 1000 runs for the weap.
  14. Holy shiet, that +10 crafting nerf. Thanks, now i can afford to spend some ED in a formal attire.