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  1. Nera

    omg wdf are u  O.o

  2. new phone who dis

  3. Just lemme know when your available. Ill be able to run dungeons for a hour or two~ im looking for a quickish run ~

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    2. ThotPockets


      sure~ im up for that. i got a char or two id like to get abit higher cx


    3. ThotPockets


      Getting on now, ill sent ya a friend request when i get on 

    4. ThotPockets


      tyt~ i just sent it 


  4. Kisuu

    this background pic omg your eve is so beautiful

    1. Kisuu


      The chung looks nice as well, but the evie is stunning qAq 

  5. Who are you? I reported your savage behavior on my profile. 

    Please stop harrasing me ma'am.

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    2. Edendless


      I'm too faßt and stronk for you. Please stop trying, you're just hurting yourself.

    3. Edendless


      Wow. It feels like the air is talking to me. I don't understand

    4. Edendless


      I just did. I think they're talking about it in the news: https://www.google.fr/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/39500947


  6. dedop

    just tell me where do you find all these good gif pics

    1. dedop


      hmm..not really but i like them

  7. Sure

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    2. Celery


      I didn't wanted to release them but Where I live it's illegal to keep big pets in HDB flats so yea :c

    3. Celery


      I'm not so sure but that was what my parents told me and I was only 10 that time OTL.


    4. Celery
  8. Naoki

    Is that Madame Red in ur wall pic

  9. Onii-chan I love you too. <3

    Let's stay forever together <3

  10. ur a meanie qwq