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  1. Eternal Wedding Sitting Pose (Single & Duet)
  2. 1. Elrios Beat 2. Velder Rock'n Roll
  3. That's the least we can do for your awesome work! Thanks again ♥
  4. Welcome to the Guild Thread of Hangover. We are focused on PvE as well as on PvP so we can be classified as a "Hybrid" Guild. We are open to meet people and make new friends who would like to join our community with the goal of having a lot of fun and enjoying the game as much as we do. If you need any help just feel free to ask us, we are glad to help out and hope to see you soon! Guild Master ~ HaremRitter Created on ~ 2016/07/25 Current Level ~ 20 Current Members ~ 194/200 Hangout ~ Guildbase Join our Discord now! • First and foremost: Respect each other! • Follow the Official Rules of Void Elsword. We do not support any kind of hacking and scamming! • Behave appropriately and don't insult anyone. Even if meant in a joking manner. • Do not try to interfere with guild ranks. Only the Guild Master decide when to rank up and down. • It should be clear that whoever staying inactive for over 7 days will be kicked out of the guild. If you are facing problems that keep you from being online you need to take a little note in our Discord inactive Channel. Otherwise you can always rejoin the Guild per request! • Once you decide to put something in the Guildbank it doesn't belonge to you anymore, its free for everyone to take it out. • Also please do not put trash into the Guildbank (i.e. drops like ingredients). If you keep put trash into it after a warn you will be degraded of your rank. Admin ~ They are choosen by our Guild Master Officer ~ Trusted Players who have been in our Guild for a while. Veteran ~ Been in Guild for 1-2 weeks. Member ~ It is given once you joined us. „I am a kind-hearted person who is always there for everyone but also often afk in Game. I hate PvE and mostly just chill or play PvP. I am glad to help out if needed. I would be happy to see you around our Guild soon!” „Hey I am Lil also known as Jaqi. I am a kind and indulgent Person if you are the same to me. Also I like to draw where I can let out all of my creativity. I mostly just chill around in rooms or either farm the shit out of Events. I am glad to make new friends to chat and farm with. I hope to see you around soon!” „Hello I am Seducement also known as Oliver. I am just a savage and hillarious person who is singing all the time in the discord channels, i just love music and i love to sing some songs so do not try me bish, I like to do some jokes even if they are not funny. I am just a weirdo who you can ask if u need some help with dungeons or other things like questions. See ya around!” „Mwiihaha! It is me, the world famous magical girl Chinora! Wait... Huh? You do not know me?! Let me introduce myself then! I am Chawi - also known as the guild mattress. Most of what comes out of my mouth is pure autism, but my heart is on the right place. Do not be shy to talk to me, I am superopenminded and always on the run to meet some interesting peeps!” „Hello there, i am Kraiame! You can call me Alina too if you want to. Normally i am a nice person, but sometimes I take rules too serious. My favourite hobby is drawing Mangas. I play PvE very often so if you need help feel free to ask me! I am also very good at problem solving. So if you have any problems just ask me.” „Hia! I am L0YAL. Do not be afraid to approach me in game if you need a hand getting through a dungeon or just need advice. I am here to help!” „Hey, call me Timo. I am pure sarcasm so do not take me personal. I like to chill in sparr rooms and am afk most of the time. But you can always write me on Discord if there is something I can help you with. Looking forward to meet you!” In Game Name: Age (optional): Gender: Country/Timezone: Previous Guild (optional): About yourself: Artworks made by Marumi ~ Ty for the awesome work! ♥
  5. IGN: Prinzessin What item(s) you want: EP Wings Rose Reason: Well, the exact reason for why i want that Item is, because i need it. It's the only part missing for my EP Rose. I'm a collector of IB's. (So probablly not reselling that.) Since i'm looking for that missing part for weeks now i guess and didn't found it for a reasonable price now. At least it would be nice to have it full. ^v^
  6. Added! Second one would fit into the Winter mood, but the first one would work everytime tho. __________________________________________________________ @everyone feel free to add something your missing.
  7. Since this Motion is different on every character, i added them all for show. ________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to suggest some other Idle Motions in this Topic, if you miss one.
  8. The yellow version isn't the Mysterios one, it's the normal one like the orange/red one. It's called "Ver. Premium". But there is no Crown in the Yellow on, why ever?
  9. I guess everyone knows the Mysterious EL Lord Accessories, which looks pretty cool and is kinda expensive.. For all who don't, here is a little insight of it, before i'll start talking about my suggestion. How the Items looks like How it looks like on your Character Expect the Mysterious EL Lord Accessories, there is an "normal" Version of it, which looks a bit darker (as it seems to me) and not so bright and shiny, like the Mysterious one. Ofc they are an cool Accessorie to "decorate" your Character, but the Mysterious Version looks way better. It is availabe in 3 colors; Orange/Red, Yellow and Blue. You can earn them in different ways, like buying them in the Item Mall, or trade Items at Ariel for it. (Not sure where to get the Blue Version, since its pretty outdated even on the German/EU Servers.) I'm not sure when this Mysterious Version came out and in what content it was aswell, maybe one of you who read this right now knows a bit more about this and can add this to this Thread in the Reply section down below. Here's a little taste of how it could looks like: orange/red yellow (Or in any color of the Rainbow) Don't judge me for the photos, i did them really quick and messy in Photoshop, so you can see how it could looks like. The Original one would look much better and more accurate. Would try to make the recolor, if someone tell me where i'll find the kom files of the Mysterious EL Lord Accessories. (The Orange/Red one like SS and the Yellow one like AA Crown for example) The Mysterious EL Lord Accessories looks pretty cool with that Shiny effect, but sadly the Looks i got, don't really fit to the blue Accessories. An Orange/Red Version would be perfect to it. Another reason is, that the "normal" Version isn't in Wardrobe yet, and looks a bit different to the orange/red color of the SS Shades. The Mysterious Version would looks more like the SS Shade so it perfectly fits to a bunch of Looks and Styles of Players. And if we be honest, it would just be logical, since the "normal" Version got 3 colors, that the Mysterious one should be available in 3 colors aswell, am i right? Also because the "normal" Version is super outdated. Doesn't mean that everything is logical what is done by just sounds logical to me lol. Since the blue Version is already available in the Ice Burners, the Orange/Red and Yellow Version could be integrated with an Event or on the uncreative and uncomplicated way through Item Mall. It pretty simple and there are a lot of possibilities to integrate it to the Game. Since the "normal" Orange/Red EL Lord is already for 800 K-Ching each in the Mall, i would make the Mysterious Version a bit more expensive and maybe ungiftable. For example: 1,200 K-Ching each or 1,800 K-Ching each (Limited ItemMall-Sale) Don't need to be an big Event, since there is already one right now or this could be used for future Events tho. Events can be planed later, i wont waste my time for planing an Event for this right now, since i don't know if this Suggestion will be accepted or not. But the normale Event works like this; There is one Event Dungeon or more (Quest) where you can Farm an Item which you can use to Trade for Event Items. OR To make it more difficult to get, the Event could be an special PvP Event or something like that...there are already some made by GM's & GS' i saw it on Discord. The Mysterious EL Lord Accessories could be a Part of the Win for the Player, which take a part of that Event. (Place 1-3 or 4-10) Pretty simple, they just integrate it to the next Rotation of the Ice or ED Burners. The "normal" Yellow Version is available to exchange at Ariel for "Ereda Battle Order". It could works the same, like Farming Ereda with Quests to earn Items, that you can Exchange at chosen NPC's. OR To make it more difficult, it could work like the "Dimension Sinister" System. You farm and Dungeon, which only can solved by your own. You farm this Dungeon till you got enough Items to Exchange it. At every Stage, the Boss will be stronger like Sinister. (If the limit of 3 Dungeons a Day will be the same, remains free for the Void Team) **At least it's just an recolor of the "Original" Blue Mysterious EL Lord Accessories.** ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to add more Details or to give me some Feedback for this Suggestion. Thank you for taking your time to read this.