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  1. CruzKrion

    Why most of the community love to hate rose?

    I too must be Honest that I hate Rose and my reason for that. 1. everytime i go to Ereda (which is rare because how "full" it is) there is always a rose... they destroy always the fun especially Black Massacre 2. Another Female Character and of course a well-build Body for typical Fan service. 3. Play-Style of many characters (Chung, Ciel and Rena) 4.I don´t hate her because she is from DFO... it´s more like there where soooo many more good options for example the Priest or even the Male Mage (tough the male mage has more then 4 classes.) 5. I played everyone of her classes... though Prime Operator was my... well least hated of the for... I somehow don´t like too play her.. kinda awkward feeling can´t explain it really. Overall.. Yes i hate her but she is not the only one i hate Chungs, Ravens, Ara and still... I tolerate them, i hate them that doesn´t mean that i want them to be removed... Sometimes it is nice having diffrent classes for Pve to see how they play and how they work togehter. I don´t follow the way of hate, i just tolerat it. Players likes Rose ? Fine for me he/she has a opinion and doesn´t force me to like and other way around. Sorry if my english is shit, since it´s not my language. Oh it pvp... never go pvp because don´t like it and so i can´t judge her.
  2. CruzKrion

    Old Sd Stones

    I see.. so I can throw them away or sell them to an npc if they even give Ed
  3. CruzKrion

    Old Sd Stones

    I am referring to the elder stone, besma stone, altera stone, velder stone, Hamel stone and Sander stone. Sorry if I wasn´t very specific with my question
  4. CruzKrion

    Old Sd Stones

    So I was on a Vacation a while and missed some stuff. My Question is what to do with the old Sd Stones ? Seems it can´t be traded or exchange for nothing ? Should i sell them or throw them away ?
  5. CruzKrion

    DS lanox and Velder

    Today is Saturday
  6. CruzKrion


    Ahh.. I appreciate it very much to verify the case with upgrading. I see.. alright I don´t think that there is more to know , but i wait maybe somebody has something else to say
  7. CruzKrion


    Hello Dear Community Even tough i´m Playing some while, I still don´t know much about the differences between void and the normal servers. So there is one thing I want to ask. If you want to upgrade your Weapo to +10 do i only need the fluor ? Does it break ? If so where are the scrolls to repair it didn´t saw them in the Cash Shop. Well this is my only question for now... if there is anything you can tell me I would be very thankful for any information about the diffrences from void and the other servers.