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  1. There are correct, when he is fatigued you need to throw either a water orb or have Petrify then you can attack to skip his Mana Attack since he does that attack every 20 HP Bar loss and if he is frozen/petrifyed you skip the attack. Yeah I see/hear alot that even Kr have problem... this means acutally alot since their Gears can reach +12-+13. Ontopic: Dat stupid Queue for Drabaki Raid.... why ? it´s stupid especially when you learn all those OP Geared Players Name to get out to atleast have a chance of a Good Rank... But no ... it was all for nothing.
  2. Even if you have high cp it´s still hard especially Certain Bosses and Some of them are Mini-Bosses so HH won´t work ( ex. Dekal the Red one) Some bosses are also Busted in a certain Area... Herbaron and Dekal have so much Defense and are Immune to Freeze (water orbs... Good Choice) or The Boss from Hall of El (forgot it´s Name) almost all of her Attack takes a Bunch of Hp (or even One Shots certain Characters/Classes). I know it´s supposed to be a challenge... but atleast Having the option to go as a Team. But no... Since Every Player (referring to KR) has +11-+13 that should not to be a problem... Agate I find easy (No Varnimyr Debuff Shit) but still ... some players never fought him for several Reason (ex. Low Cp etc.) and so never learn his Pattern.
  3. KOG: We want players to play more together so no more Retry for Solo Buff and Drabaki only at least with 3 players Me: Kinda sucks... but okay. KoG: New Henir... Solo only Me: .... what ?
  4. What grind my gears lately... Once i loved getting trough 12-8 Shadow Vein solo... ever since the removal of the Solo Buff i am losing it but not that much since no one loved getting there or never met others... But it changed. Ever since everbody knows that 12-8 is good for farming exp and of the Boss drop... it´s filled with... i would say 85% of people who just go there because "dungeon so good... probably people that carry me trough" It´s really f****** annoying even worse that they don´t even know the pattern and ruin the runs or I die at the boss because the f***** up the strategy... And no I am not asking everytime when somebody is there with me if they know the pattern or not... because it gets annoying at a certain point. But i am not saying that it is everyone because 15% of the people that i had were a breeze for the runs (Especially a Certain Prime Operator... Yeah.. i love to run with Prime Operators fight me). But still... I am not saying no one should go there... my point is that people should inform themselves before entering a Dungeon (especially the Varnimyr dungeon) or else... you ruin the fun and annoy the others because making mistakes for example 12-8 Shadow Vein... you can cause Deaths that could be prevented (but not always... even people who rush there who do well in there... die sometime)
  5. Hm.. Since about Classes..: Elsword Knight Emperor: Too many... and goddamn annoying when they use only Windmill, at least when they kill everything it´s alright... a bit (Overpopular) Rune Master: Never saw one.. ever since the Release of the 3rd Classes.( Does he exist ?) Immortal: Sometimes but not often. (Popular but Not that popular) Aisha Aether Sage: Mostly Common and glad when one is in the group. (Common Popular) Oz Sorcerer: I see them only Drabaki Raid.. rarely normal Dungeons (getting Popular) Metamorphy: same as OZ but rarer. ( getting Unpopular) Rena Anemos: They where at the beginning a lot but somehow they started dissapearing. (Getting Unpopular DayBreaker: Don´t see Many of Them but probably doing better Things then going low dungeons. (Think they getting Popular) Twilight: I saw one Yesterday... I was gladly Positiv suprised. Shame... I love her Design alot and creative.. but Design doesn´t mean always powerful : /( Very Unpopular) Raven Furious Blade: *sigh* Same with KE... to annoying and most I met are sooo cocky and feel like there the best. Like are all furios Blader Players Kanye West or what. Sorry that I offend pretty Sure there are Nice FB players.. shame that I never meet such ones (Same as Knight Emperor) Rage Hearts: For being a good Dmg Dealer... Kinda suprised I see them Rarely. (Either ) Nova Imperator: Same with Rage Heart but recently I see them more often.( getting a bit Popular Eve Code Ultimate: See them very rare... See some often in Drabaki and that´s it (I think she is Popular) Code Esencia: Kinda same like Twilight... another beautiful Design but sadly I see them. (Sadly Unpopular) Code Sariel: Well they are Kinda Dying. Compared to before I see don´t see many of them (getting Unpopular) Chung Comet Crusade: Never saw one... neither Dungeon, Drabaki etc. Surely there are some maybe I am unlucky to meet them. ( I guess there Popular in Varnimyr Dungeon) Fatal Phantom: The 3rd annoyance in the " Annoying Trio" Besus. Tho there getting Rarer. (Same as FB and KE) Centurion: Almost like Comet Crusader but i see them sometimes in Drabaki. (usually Popular depending what one do) Ara Apsara: Common. Nice to see some but they are getting less and less. (Half Half :) Devi: The Rare one that I see from the Aras( not very Popular) Shakti: same as Apsara (Same as Devi) Elesis Empire Sword: Existing More and More then before. (she is getting very popular) Flame Lord: Mostly see them in PvP and rare in Dungeon. (Only.. Popular in PvP i guess) Bloody Queen: Common i meet them more often then the other 2 (Think she is popular) Add Doom Bringer: Almost never... tho I lately seeing some in Drabaki but that´s it (In my Eyes he is unpopular... but pretty sure there are Peopl who like Him) Dominator: more.. then Doom Bringer I guees but not very often ( Almost like Doom Bringer) Mad Paradox: More then the other 2 ( Popular in Dungeons) Luciel Catastrophe: Only seeing them in Drabaki and in rare Occasion in 12-8 (Only True Luciel Player Popular Innocent: The Class I see the most and always neat to have (The Popular one from Luciel) Diangelion: The ones I always meet are very powerful. Often see them in Drabaki and Varnimyr (at the moment a bit Popular.. for know) Rose Tempest Burster: Almost never... beside Henir ( Of Course because Rose... unpopular. Feel sorry for those who play Her) Black massacre: Never in Dungeon only met them in Ereda (Same as TB but more popular for Ereda) Minerva: Is.. is she dead or are well Hidden ? I only meet One... after 3rd Class update (Not very Popular) Prime Operator: Well... i see only one in 12-8 but always a Joy Tag Teaming with one in 12-8 (Same as TB and not Popular by People with Bad PC) Ain Richter: For being the Character with the highest attack... I think they are Dying (Losing Popularity) Bluhen: Well... I don´t think I don´t need to say anything ^^ (Very Popular especially for High Rank People) Herrscher: The ones I meet are always Good but not very often seeing one. (Popular Laby Eternity Winner: ... No comment Honestly ( No words) Radiant Soul: very underrated... A shame tho she is in my Eyes the Better one and Efficent one.( Sadly unpopular... pretty sure will be more when NL comes in Void) Nisha Labyrinth: She is not here... but I know from many Peoples... that she will be Bandwagon. But.. for How long ? ( Even tough she is not out yet her... She is overhyped and well can´t say if she will be Popular or not.) Sorry for the long text
  6. Hello Voidlings I was thinking about the Wedding Costume Suit. The look very beautiful on all Characters. But they are Limited... yes I know there is a Blue Version in the Item Mall. But i tought i would prefer the Original colour. I suggest making it permanent but without those effects. I don´t know if somebody alreade suggested it, i was searching trough the Suggestion Section and used the Search function but either I oversaw it or just to stupid finding the right Tags.
  7. I too must be Honest that I hate Rose and my reason for that. 1. everytime i go to Ereda (which is rare because how "full" it is) there is always a rose... they destroy always the fun especially Black Massacre 2. Another Female Character and of course a well-build Body for typical Fan service. 3. Play-Style of many characters (Chung, Ciel and Rena) 4.I don´t hate her because she is from DFO... it´s more like there where soooo many more good options for example the Priest or even the Male Mage (tough the male mage has more then 4 classes.) 5. I played everyone of her classes... though Prime Operator was my... well least hated of the for... I somehow don´t like too play her.. kinda awkward feeling can´t explain it really. Overall.. Yes i hate her but she is not the only one i hate Chungs, Ravens, Ara and still... I tolerate them, i hate them that doesn´t mean that i want them to be removed... Sometimes it is nice having diffrent classes for Pve to see how they play and how they work togehter. I don´t follow the way of hate, i just tolerat it. Players likes Rose ? Fine for me he/she has a opinion and doesn´t force me to like and other way around. Sorry if my english is shit, since it´s not my language. Oh it pvp... never go pvp because don´t like it and so i can´t judge her.
  8. I see.. so I can throw them away or sell them to an npc if they even give Ed
  9. I am referring to the elder stone, besma stone, altera stone, velder stone, Hamel stone and Sander stone. Sorry if I wasn´t very specific with my question
  10. So I was on a Vacation a while and missed some stuff. My Question is what to do with the old Sd Stones ? Seems it can´t be traded or exchange for nothing ? Should i sell them or throw them away ?
  11. Ahh.. I appreciate it very much to verify the case with upgrading. I see.. alright I don´t think that there is more to know , but i wait maybe somebody has something else to say
  12. Hello Dear Community Even tough i´m Playing some while, I still don´t know much about the differences between void and the normal servers. So there is one thing I want to ask. If you want to upgrade your Weapo to +10 do i only need the fluor ? Does it break ? If so where are the scrolls to repair it didn´t saw them in the Cash Shop. Well this is my only question for now... if there is anything you can tell me I would be very thankful for any information about the diffrences from void and the other servers.