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  1. Lucia is gay All hail eggs Rng exchange sucks
  2. Hi, i'll invite you when you can get online, my IGN is Itadankimasu so feel free to whisper me once you are online Sorry, it seems Ian is taking a break from Void so i'll invite you instead, let me know if you're still interested in joining I'll leave my Discord if i am offline: Baha#6386
  3. Gay who dis bump
  4. Lance is gay :/
  5. Will we get a new 4D set or the current in game one will be updated?
  6. Queue die fast because of premade parties, who likes to play when there's 0% chance to win I only play if i know there's a small chance of winning but if i am in 3v3 or 4v4 and i keep getting 2-3 randoms who can't jump + don't know how to play their character properly + don't know basic Ereda/PvE stuff while i am against 3-4 man party then i would quit the queue too Also about the lag, i set the graphic settings all to low and i rarely have lag, everything looks like shit but at least i can jump without having 1 fps
  7. IBs has the worst rate ever, i played NA for at least 3 years and the current void rate feels the same as the old NA I really wanted MEL so i burned for it since nobody wants to sell it to me (i actually saw chaser, oracle, wings and cuffs on board for 600-700m but i thought that the price would decrease but nope), i bought a 100$ code, IBs for 8-9-10:100 rates and burned over 1500. My lucky pulls were from the last 300 but NOT A SINGLE MEL PIECE I wish rates were higher or some ICs exchange system to be implemented because i don't want to keep gambling with a shitty RNG plznomore